Flat Place Cards Printed In 5 Steps

array of table seating cards


Looking for flat place cards, but don’t know where to start? In our tutorial learn how to design, format, print and cut down your own customized flat place cards. Since we’ve done half of the work for you, It’s really quite easy! Included are free pre-formatted templates for entering your guest’s information & cutting down the place cards.

This is so simple to do that the first and only choice you need to make for this project is selecting what paper you want your place cards printed on! Choose your favorite 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock from our selection of over 150 choices, and get to work!

As a side note, we think the best and easiest choice is our own LCI Brand card stocks. Available in Radiant White & Ecru (Cream), both are a smooth matte finish paper, offered in multiple weights. For most home printers the 80lb / 216gsm is the best option.

Required Supplies:

picture of download templates for flat place cards

Step 1

Download Templates

The Cutting Guide Template adds markings to the backside of the cards to simplify cutting down your place cards after printing. The second is the Guest Information Template for inserting your guests names and table numbers.

closeup view of templates for flat place cards

Step 2

Enter Guest Information

Open the template you downloaded called: “flat-pc-template.doc”. In each table cell enter your guest’s name and table number as well as any other information you may choose to include. Step & repeat for each guest until completed. Be sure to save periodically, we all know how frustrating losing a document due to a computer freezing or crashing can be!

backside of flat place cards with cutting guides

Step 3

Cutting Guides

In this step you will print guide lines on the reverse side of your cardstock to make cutting a breeze!. Be sure to print the lines on the back side.

Open the template titled: “flat-pc-cutting-guides.doc”. Load the paper into the printer, be sure your print dialogue is set to print on US Letter size paper, and print away! We are doing this step first, because, on occasion, printing names first and then feeding the paper back through has caused minimal smudging and/or scratching of the printing.

guest address template for flat place cards

Step 4

Print Guest Information

Now it is time to print your guest information. Return to the file where you previously entered all of your guest’s information, and prepare to print. Check your print dialogue box and be sure that the settings are set to print on US Letter size paper. Load your paper into the printer in the opposite direction that you previously did to print the guide lines. Click print, its that easy!

Cutting of flat place cards

Step 5

Cut Out Place Cards

Once your printed sheets are completely dry, flip them over and, using your preferred cutting utensil, cut out your place cards along the guide lines.

voila, you’ve got yourself some flat place cards.

Printing your own flat place cards is a budget friendly way to arrange your table seatings. Consider printing your wedding website or photo sharing information on the back of the place cards, so your guests can upload and share their photos from your big day!


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