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I Didn’t Receive My Order Confirmation

July 28, 2020 by: Larry Chase
You will receive an email confirmation when an order is successfully placed through the website. The order confirmation is triggered immediately after the order is placed. Check your Spam Folder if you do not receive an order confirmation. Below are …

Do It Yourself (DIY) Paper Craft Ideas

June 18, 2020 by: Dana DiBiase
Paper Kites Warm, summer weather allows for you and your family to play outside more and enjoy the sunshine. Nothing creates better family memories than flying a kite together, especially one that has been customized with your favorite colors and …

How to Find the Right Envelope Size for Your Invitation

May 20, 2020 by: Larry Chase
First Things First, Choose Your Envelope Size First Where invitation cards can be cut to any size, envelopes are made only in standard industry sizes. Before purchasing or designing your invitations, be sure a properly sized envelope will be available. …

Choosing Fonts for your Wedding Invitations 101!

May 12, 2020 by: Dana DiBiase
Fonts Elicit Emotion! Invitations set the mood for your big day. Will your event be formal, whimsical, modern, rustic? In design, fonts are an important factor in triggering different emotions in your guests, so choosing a font that corresponds to …

Say Hello To Gmund Colors

November 23, 2019 by: Kristen
Say Hello to Gmund Colors — 48 inspired colors and 4 luxe finishes strategically developed to simplify luxury design. Want to know more? Download our free guide, 10 Reasons Gmund Color System will be Your New Favorite Color System. Download …

Easy Print Menu Paper for Restaurants, Hotels, Event Venues

August 15, 2019 by: Kristen
What’s Your Easiest Menu Paper to Print? We often get this question from businesses who need to print new menus or information frequently: Restaurants or cafes that print daily specials menus Breweries that print changing draft lists Hotels or venues …

What’s the Difference Between White & Clear Vellum?

August 6, 2019 by: Kristen
Both White (Limba) Translucent Vellum and Clear Translucent Vellum paper are popular for invitation overlays, wraps, jackets and more – but which do you choose? Learn about the similarities and differences here. Shop All Translucent Vellum Paper White Vellum vs. …

4 Steps to the Best Paper Weight for Wedding Invitations

July 25, 2019 by: Kristen
What is a Good Paper Weight for Wedding Invitations? This is one of the most common questions we get from customers making invitations. Because every project, print method and preference is different, we cannot give a simple answer as to …

5 Creative & Effective Ways to Tightly Seal Envelopes

July 17, 2019 by: Kristen
Super Important Invitation Tip: Be Sure Envelopes are Tightly Sealed before Mailing! You worked hard on your invites and you do not want them opening up in the mail. This can make for a sloppy appearance, undelivered invites and a …

Will White Ink Show on Light Color Envelopes?

July 15, 2019 by: Kristen
Customers often ask if white ink print will show on light color envelopes or if they should print with a light gray ink instead. We put three of our most popular light Matt Colors Envelopes to the test in colors …