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Wedding Tissue Paper

Wedding Tissue Paper

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Product Description

Category Description: Wedding Tissue Paper

Prevent Ink Smudge, Use Wedding Tissue

Have you ever received a wedding invitation in the mail and wondered; What's the deal with these little pieces of tissue paper? Is there a reason these are in here? Should I send one back with my reply? If you aren't familiar with tissue, you aren't alone.

Rooted in tradition, the primary purpose of wedding tissue is to prevent smudging. The tradition dates back hundreds of years to the days of hand written invitations when tissue was placed on top of ink to keep it from smudging during mailing; a practical use that still holds true today.

Tissue is often used for aesthetic reasons as well. Tissue not only prevents smudging, but is also a stylish way to decorate and keep your invitations neat and elegant. It also adds a sense of intrigue, as guests will have to move the slightly translucent tissue aside to reveal invitation wording.

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Wedding Tissue Paper - What's the Deal

Ecru wedding invitation card with tissue paper

Wedding Tissue Paper in the Sizes, Colors, & Styles You Need

Traditional Wedding Tissue is used to cover just the wording of an invitation card, not the entire surface of the card. For this reason, traditional wedding tissue is fairly small. LCI offers traditional white wedding tissue in one square and one rectangular size to fit most popular wedding card sizes.

Traditional tissue is a thin, single ply, slightly transparent paper that feels similar to gift wrapping tissue. Due to its basic nature, traditional tissue is extremely affordable!

Specialty Wedding Tissue For both practical and decorative purposes, LCI also offers specialty wedding tissue. Specialty tissue a two-ply tissue paper with a soft, cloth like feel. It is available in multiple colors and patterns, and in a greater selection of sizes than traditional tissue.

Ideas On How To Use Wedding Tissue

Tissue Placed Between Cards Will Keep Your Invitation Ensemble Tidy

For an organized look, place a single piece of tissue over the wording of your invitation, reception, and/or direction cards. Some people also place a piece between the response card and envelope. By keeping each card separate, your ensemble will arrive at your guests' homes neat, clean, and looking great.

Wedding invitation ensemble with tissue paper between layers

Note: Shown here, Specialty Invitation Tissue - 3 x 5 -Uzumaki White

Add Tissue to Your Folder Invitation - Its Keeps The Sides Separate & Smudge Free

Place a single piece of tissue inside of an invitation folder as both a decorative and practical insert. With a tissue in place, the two sides of the folder are prevented from rubbing up against one another during mailing.

Folding wedding invitation with tissue paper inside

Note: Shown here, Specialty Invitation Tissue - 4 ? x 6 ? - Unryu White.

Pocket fold wedding invitation with v-shaped pocket stain on invitation and response cards

Use Tissues With Pocket Fold Invitations - It Prevents "Pocket Stain"

Occasionally during the rigors of mailing, the printing on the invitation card smudges in the shape of the pocket that sits up against it. The result is "pocket stain", an unsightly smudge easily prevented by invitation tissue. See right.

Place a single piece of tissue on top of the invitation card, then fold. This way, your invitation card and pocket components have no contact, and no chance of smudging.

Pocket fold wedding invitation with tissue insert

Note: Shown here, traditional 6 x 6 white wedding tissue over invitation, trimmed 3 1/2 x 5 1/2 tissue over response card.

invitation with gold tissue overlay

Additional Steps to Take to Preventing Smudging During Mailing- Request Invitations Be Hand Cancelled

Tissue does a great job from preventing ink smudge in invitations, but it can only do so much. It is recommended you request invitations be hand cancelled at the post office. It is your best defense against the rigors of mailing.


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