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Dye & Polished Hemp Twine For Invitation Making

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Product Description

Category Description: Twine

Hemp Twine features a slightly roughened natural surface ideal for accenting rustic invitations, place cards, programs, and other crafts. Twine is delivered on a tightly rolled, shrink wrapped ball to prevent unraveling during use. Approximately 400 feet of twine per ball.

Due to the unique dying process colors will vary from roll to roll. This is expected and adds to the unique natural look of hemp twine

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What is the texture of hemp twine?

Unlike smooth, highly flexible string or baker's twine, hemp twine has a slightly roughened surface and is moderately stiff, making it ideal for creating a rustic look.

Is twine easy to tie?

Though it is slightly more rigid than string, ribbon, or yarn, hemp twine is flexible and easy to wrap and tie. However, due to its slight stiffness, symmetrical bows are a bit tougher to achieve than they might be with ribbon or string.

What is the difference between bakers' twine and hemp twine?

  • Hemp twine is one color, where bakers' twine is typically two colors striped
  • Hemp twine is slightly thicker, rougher, and more rigid than bakers' twine
  • Hemp twine is organic, made with plants

Can I use hemp twine for packaging?

You sure can! Our colorfully dyed and natural hemp twines are great for invitations, programs, place cards, packaging, even creative decor!

Approximately how much twine is used for each invitation?

The amount of twine that will be used for each individual invitation varies with the size of your invitation ensemble and how many times you wish to wrap the twine around it. However, a good rule of thumb is to plan on at least 24 inches (2 feet) per invitation.



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