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Textured Card Stock Paper

Textured Card Stock Paper

Specialty Paper- Texture, Weight & Finish

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Product Description

Textures, textures & more texture! Its fun, decorative and perfect for all types of invitations and craft projects. Our textured cardstocks are heavy & our text papers lighter in weight foldable and pliable. The exact weights will vary depending on the actual brand you select. For instance Vice Versa textures are 111lb - 300gsm & Japanese Linen is a 90lb - 243gsm cardstock. Since both are substantial in weight the main deciding factor on which to purchase would be based on color and the textured pattern.

We are frequently asked if the texture make the papers difficult to print? That depends on the type of printing, equipment and ink being used. If you are having the papers printed using conventional methods, such as offset, engraving or letterpress there should be no issues what-so-ever. The odds of an issue will be greater if your plans are to inkjet or laser print on the papers. Texture, as well as weight, are factors in the end results. Unless you have previous experience printing on these textures we would recommend ordering samples so you can test first. Further, if your plans are to print using an outside source we recommend discussing the project first with your printer.

Start designing & creating today. With an assortment of colors and finishes, textured papers add a visual and tactile dimension to any type of project including scrapbooking. Its easy to create with our array of papers colors, brands and textures.

Answers to Top Texture Embossed Paper Questions

Textured paper questions - Are textured papers and embossed papers the same thing? Wood grain card stock shown here.

Are textured/embossed papers the same thing?

Yes, our textured papers are given their distinct tactile finishes by being embossed during the manufacturing process.

Paper shown is Gmund Urban Brasilia (black and powder).
Textured paper questions - Textured papers embossed on both sides? Japanese linen card stock shown here.

Are papers textured on both sides?

Our textured papers and card stocks are embossed on one side only.

This means one side has prominent texture and the other side has remnants of that texture, but is smoother to the eye and touch (See front and back of aqua circles).

Paper shown is Japanese linen (aqua, rose, pewter).
Textured paper questions - How do you print on texture embossed card stock? Wood grain card stock shown here.

How do I print on texture?

Heavily textured papers can be printed at home with an ink jet printer, as wet ink can get into the deep grooves. Slightly less textured sheets (Gmund Felt, LCI Linen) can be printed with a laser as well.

Embossed texture papers can also be printed with professional methods such as offset, foil stamping, and letterpress.

Paper shown is Gmund Savanna Wood Grain (tindalo and glowing makassar).
What is the most popular textured paper for wedding invitations? Odeon felt finish card stock shown here.

What's the best textured paper for wedding invitations?

The best textured paper for your wedding invitations is the one that fits your taste, budget, and printing capabilities.

That being said, the most popular textured papers for wedding invitations are usually white and cream sheets from the following brands:

  • LCI Linen (with a subtle cloth-like texture)
  • Odeon Felt (with a traditional felt finish)
  • Gmund Felt (with a modern linear finish)
Paper shown is Odeon Felt (gala and vintage).
Do textured papers have matching envelopes? Gmund Colors Felt & Gmund Colors Matt envelopes shown here

Do your textured papers have matching envelopes?

Yes, with the exception of Japanese Linen, all of our textured papers have matching envelopes.

Odeon and LCI Linen have their own matching textured envelopes. Anything by Gmund (Felt, Savanna, Urban) has a matching Gmund Colors Matt envelope.

Papers shown are Gmund Felt & Gmund Colors Matt envelopes (midnight blue and scarlet red) .

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