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Sustainable Paper

Sustainable Paper


Sustainable Paper - A Greener (and Possibly Cooler) Version of Conventional Paper

Sustainable, eco-friendly paper in unique colors and textures

Whether for stationery, invitations, packaging, or prints, eco-friendly sustainable paper is very in right now. But what makes a paper sustainable, and how do you choose one for your project? It's simple! Sustainable paper is a greener version of conventional paper - one that is made from recycled and/or sustainably sourced, readily renewable fibers. It's smart, it's responsible, it lessens your carbon footprint.

When it comes to choosing sustainable sheets, you have your basic, run of the mill recycled papers, and then you have these - three fresh, modern, eco-chic brands that will take your design to the next level. Below, learn about their bold colors, their must-touch textures, the cool stories behind them, and how they can make your project pop.

Gmund Hanf (Hemp Paper)

Eco friendly hemp paper

What It Is

"Hanf" (German for "hemp") is made with 100%, 50%, or 10% European hemp fibers. Hemp fibers are very long, making Hanf paper very strong, soft to the touch, natural in appearance, and superb in printability. It's perfect for packaging, art, branding, and so much more...

Why It's Sustainable

Some fun facts about environmentally friendly hemp paper:

  • A hemp field produces 4-5 times as much paper as a forest of the same size.
  • Hemp can be harvested 3 times a year (a tree needs 7+ years).
  • Hemp fibers are 5 times longer than wood fibers, so it can be recycled many more times.

Why It's Cool (and Always has Been)

Hemp paper is cool - and always has been. One of the first plants to be used by humankind, hemp is extremely pest-resistant and easy to cultivate. Paper made from hemp was already the first choice more than 2,000 years ago and by 1883, between 75-90% of the paper produced worldwide was made from hemp. However, the processing of hemp's unruly fibers was laborious work, making hemp paper costly to produce. As a result, cheaper wood-pulp papers started to gain popularity. This, coupled with the prohibition of hemp cultivation in many countries, resulted in hemp paper disappearing from the scene... until now.

What's Available

Hanf is offered as Good, Better, and Best, each in 81lb text and 118lb cover. Sizes 8 1/2 x 11 and larger are available in paper and card stock. 118lb hemp cards are available in a small selection of sizes.

  • Good (10% hemp & 90% pure pulp)
  • Better (50% hemp & 50% recycled fiber)
  • Best (100% pure European hemp)
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Gmund Used (100% Recycled Paper in Super Stylish Colors)

Sustainable, 100% recycled paper in designer colors for invitations, packaging

What It Is

Gmund Used has some history behind it, made with 100% reused, de-inked wood-pulp paper fibers. Thanks to Gmund's maximum fiber reclamation process, discarded paper is transformed into designer paper in the form of Used. It has a smooth, matte finish and is offered in chic and unique colors you won't find in other recycled papers.

Why It's Sustainable

Used is a true "trash to treasure" story and is created using smart and sustainable practices.

  • No additional trees are cut down to create Used
  • Cutting waste and copy paper is upcycled into upscale paper
  • Made with 70% post consumer waste and 30% post industrial waste
  • Paper fiber can be used and reused up to seven times

What's with the Cool Colors?

The color palette of this collection is so unique that the color names have been replaced by a number. All ten shades are vibrant yet natural, with hues reminiscent of rich evergreens, spring flowers, water, and skies.

What's Available

Gmund Used is currently available as a 111lb cover in sizes 8 1/2 x 11 and larger, as well as in pre-cut cards.

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Gmund Bio Cycle (Paper Made with Plants)

Bio Cycle compostable paper made with readily available plant fibers

What It Is

Gmund Bio Cycle is made from plant fibers and is compostable, thus providing nutrients to grow new plants - the perfect ecological cycle (as the name implies)! It comes in five fiber styles, each featuring an alluring earth-tone color, must-touch texture, and unique background.

Why It's Sustainable

Up to 50% of Bio Cycle is made from plentiful, resource-saving fibers and was designed with sustainability and renewability in mind. It sets a statement for ecological action and provides environmentally conscious companies with added value in design, haptics, and credibility.

What's the Story Behind the Fibers?

This paper doesn't just look cool, it has a cool story behind it! Here's the deal with the fibers that make up Bio Cycle - hemp, grass, cellulose, straw, and cotton.

  • Hemp - (Cannabis) is made with European-grown cannabis.
  • Grass - (Chlorophyll) is made with grass cut from the Upper Bavarian meadows.
  • Cellulose - (Cycle) is made from 100% recycled cellulose.
  • Straw - (Wheat) is made from 50% European-grown wheat straw.
  • Cotton - (Rag) is made from 50% cotton sourced from the USA.

What's Available

Bio Cycle is offered in 111lb cover and 81lb text sheets, sizes 8 1/2 x 11 and larger. A selection of Bio Cycle cards and Bio Cycle envelopes are also available.

  • Cannabis - 111lb Cover
  • Chlorophyll - 111lb Cover
  • Cycle - 111lb Cover, 81lb Text, Envelopes
  • Wheat - 111lb Cover, 81lb Text, Envelopes
  • Rag - 111lb Cover, 81lb Text, Envelopes
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