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Square Envelopes

Square Envelopes

5 x 5 to 9 1/2 Square Envelopes & All Sizes In Between To Fit Your Invitations


So Many Square Envelopes...Sizes, Styles & Colors Galore

Square invitation envelopes in dozens of sizes, colors, finishes at LCI Paper

Something stylish, something different, we have hundreds of square envelopes to complement your invitation design. Whether for wedding, party, holiday, or business, we have something for you.

Square Envelope Sizes Standard & Unique

Standard and unique square envelope sizes at LCI Paper

Looking for a hard to find square envelope size? We offer sizes small and large, standard and unique. Some of our most popular square sizes are listed below.

Square Envelope Colors & Finishes

Rainbow of colorful square envelopes available at LCI Paper | Square holiday card

From classic to contemporary, shop a full spectrum of colors and finishes to outfit your square cards.

Square Envelope Flaps & Formats

Straight, euro, baronial flap square envelopes

We offer square envelopes in several flap styles to suit your taste and needs.

  • Straight flap - Simple, straight, machinable flap
  • Euro flap - A long, angular, contemporary flap style
  • Baronial flap - A timeless, elegant pointed flap

For traditional taste, we also offer a variety of square lined envelopes and square double wedding envelopes.

Mailing Square Invitation Envelopes - Additional Postage Required

Square envelopes require additional postage

Yes it's true - square envelopes do cost more to mail.

Due to the non-machinable size and shape of square envelopes, the USPS charges an additional $.21* surcharge for square envelopes. Added to the current stamp price of $.47*, each square envelope will cost at least $.68 to mail.

Anything over one ounce requires additional postage as well. To determine accurate postage for your envelopes, we recommend bringing one finished invite ensemble to the post office.

*USPS postage rates as publish date of November 1, 2016