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Product Description

Category Description: Program Inserts

When you need extra paper to print your program details, select our smooth finish, creamy Ecru & radiant white insert sheets. The insert paper nests nicely inside the program cover for a professional, finished look. Free downloadable printing templates are available to help you print. Print ceremony details, special thanks, reception directions, verses, lyrics, or any other extra information to be included with the program, then fold and insert inside program. Insert sheets can remain loose inside of the program or can be adhered with adhesive, stapled, secured with ribbon, or whatever other method is desirable.

Size Chart

  • 7 3/16 x 10 1/8 - Fits Calla Lily Program
  • 6 7/8 x 10 1/8 - Fits A7 Program
  • 8 3/8 x 10 7/8 - Fits A9 Program
  • 6 1/8 x 12 3/8 - Fits 6 1/4 Program
  • 5 1/8 x 10 3/8 - Fits 5 1/4 Program
  • 7 7/8 x 9 1/8 - Fits 4 x 9 1/4 Slim Program
  • 10 7/8 x 8 3/8 - Fits 4 1/4 x 11 Program

Product specs

Item Code:
CMYK Match:N/A [disclaimer]
Eco Features:-
Printer:- [disclaimer]
Print Template:Visit Templates Page

Print Your Program Paper Perfectly Every Time

Printed Booklet Wedding Program Paper

Step 1: Download Free Printing Template & Open in Word

Free Printing Template - Print Your Wedding Program Paper
  • In the product Specifications area, look for Print Template download
  • Right click on "download" and save the Zip file to a place on your hard drive you'll remember
  • Open the Zip file, then the actual Word template named as ITEM.doc where ITEM is the product code

Lightbulb tip iconIf you do not have Word installed, you may want to download and install a free alternative like Writer or LibreOffice Writer.

Step 2: Is Your Program Printing Portrait or Landscape

Depending on your specific Program Paper size and layout, the template is set for either Portrait printing or Landscape printing. Now is the time to verify. You will use this in Step 5 when you change settings in your print driver.

Wedding Program Paper Printing Formats
  • If document is tall rather than wide, it is set up for Portrait printing
  • If document is wide rather than tall, it is set up for Landscape printing

Wedding Program Wording Examples

Step 3: Enter Your Ceremony Program Wording & Details

Show your creativity, personalize your program with font, color & wording.

  • Use the sample wording as a guide but replace it with your own program details
  • Change the font, font sizes, and font color(s) to best convey the tone of your event
  • When you're satisfied with your changes, save the template

Lightbulb tip iconIf you'd like to add a custom monogram or add a graphic or photo to your program, you can!


Step 4: Load Program Paper Into Printer

How to Load Wedding Program Paper Into Printer

  • Load paper short edge first into paper input tray with paper's right edge flush against right plastic paper guide
  • Slide other plastic paper guide from left to right so it's flush against paper's left edge

Lightbulb tip iconDepending on the size of the Program Insert Paper, your printer manufacturer may suggest a different paper input tray, as shown in the Laser Printer photo. Check your printer manual for correct loading procedure.


Step 5: Enter Custom Paper Size

In this step you'll communicate to your printer exactly what size paper is sitting in its paper tray, waiting to be printed. This is the actual size entered in inches and decimal points.

Important: Your paper is loaded short edge first, so as far as your printer is concerned, the width is the measurement of the shorter edge and the height is the longer edge.

Forgot the measurements of the Program Insert Paper you ordered? There are a couple ways to find them. You can always use a ruler and measure on your own. Or browse Size in the Specifications area--the same place where you downloaded the printing template. Windows users can also verify in Word by clicking File > Page Setup and clicking the Paper tab.

Now you will access your print driver from Word.

PC Instructions
  • Click File > Print > Properties
  • Look for Paper Size, Page Size or similar
  • Click Custom or User Defined Size
  • Enter paper's Width & Height based on its current orientation in your printer's paper input tray
  • Assign the new size a name & save it so you can call it up later
  • Look for Orientation & based on what you found in Step 2, select either Landscape or Portrait

PC print driver paper height & width

Lightbulb tip iconIn Windows, the print driver interface is dependent on your printer manufacturer's software, so specific instructions may vary.

Mac Instructions
  • Click File > Print > Page Setup
  • Click Paper Size dropdown
  • Click "Manage Custom Sizes"
  • Click "+" to add size
  • Enter paper's Width & Height based on its current orientation in your printer's paper input tray
  • Assign the new size a name & save it so you can call it up later
  • In Orientation area, based on what you found in Step 2, click either the Landscape or Portrait icon



Step 6: Print Your program Paper

Printed Program Paper Wedding

All the setup and customization is complete. Now it's time to print!

  • Click OK to save your print driver settings & close the driver
  • Click OK to complete the print job

Lightbulb tip iconPrint One Program Insert Sheet as a test. If it looks good, print them all!


Step 7: Fold & Adhere To Program Cover

Fold Wedding Program Paper

  • Hand-fold each sheet down the middle
  • Insert folded sheets into your program covers

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