Is there a right way to print wood grain paper?

Customer Questions: Is there a “right” direction to print wood grain?

Kimberly from Ontario recently wrote in with the following question:

I am using wood grain card stock for my wedding invites and my printer asked which direction I would like them printed in. Do people normally print words parallel to the texture, or perpendicular? Also, will one way print better than the other?

Parallel or Perpendicular? It’s Preference.

This question is an easy one because there is no “right” answer or direction in which people “typically” print. Also, print direction has no bearing on print quality. It’s just preference, so do whatever you’d like!

See below for an example of each.

Wedding invitation printed on wood grain paper with text perpendicular to texture

Text printed perpendicular to texture

Here, a wedding invitation is printed in vertical fashion with text perpendicular to texture.

Wood grain bridal shower invitation printed with text parallel to texture in a horizontal layout

Text printed parallel to texture

Right, a landscape invitation with text printed parallel to texture.

Consider Economics/Cards Per Sheet

Since print direction is purely preference, this leaves only the consideration of economics, or cards per sheet. Depending on the direction you choose to print your cards in, you may get fewer per sheet and thus end up using more paper.

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