Will You Print On Envelopes I Supply?

We do print on envelopes supplied by customers, so if you have your own envelopes you can send them to us for printing.

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Since envelopes come in many weights and finishes, we can not guarantee we will be successful printing your envelopes. You may want to contact us first to discuss your project. We will not know for sure until we start printing. If for any reason we do not think we can print your envelopes or have difficulty we will contact you as soon as possible to arrange for the return of your unprinted envelopes.

Return shipment fees will apply & LCI Paper will not be responsible for wasted envelopes (partially or completely) under any circumstances. LCI Paper will not assume liability for stock supplied in how it is received, printed, delivered or used. LCI Paper is not liable for damage to envelopes after product delivery to our customer. This includes tears, scratches, markings & any other unforeseen occurrence that may happen during the mailing process. This is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the consumer.

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