Why Are Some Inner Envelopes Gummed And Others Are Ungummed?

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In this video we answer a question from Jenna in New Hampshire.

Jenna writes:

I noticed that some of your double envelope sets have inner envelopes with gum seal, and some do not. Why is this, and can you clarify which ones have a gum seal and which ones don’t?

What Is A Double Envelope Set?

Jenna is referring to is our double wedding envelope sets, which consist of an inner envelope that holds the invitation ensemble, with a protective outer mailing envelope. Traditionally, inner envelopes are left unsealed for courtesy sake so they are often ungummed, while outer envelopes have gum or glue so they can be sealed for mailing purposes.

Reason Behind Some Being Gummed And Others Not

As Jenna points out, some of our inner envelopes have a gum seal, and some do not. To answer the first part of her question, the simple reason for this is that we have created some of our double envelope sets out of popular demand, pairing two outer gummed envelopes to make an economical double envelope set – for example, our 5 3/4 x 8 3/4 A9 double envelope set, or our metallic lined double envelope sets.

Which Inner Envelopes Are Gummed?

To answer the second part, the A9 and metallic lined sets mentioned above are the only sets in which the inner envelope has a gum seal. All of the other ones you see have traditional ungummed inners.

Should I Seal My Gummed Inner Envelopes

Though a small sampling of our double envelope sets have gummed inners, we recommend leaving them unsealed as tradition states. If you have any questions just give us a call and well be more than happy to help you out.

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