Which papers do you recommend for printing with a laser printer?

Kayla in Texas writes:

I have a laser printer. Are any papers for laser? I see lots of reference to inkjet but no laser papers.

This is a great question so we’re answering it on video.

We List Our Best Recommendations For Each Paper

As Kayla noticed looking through our papers, for each item that we offer, we make a printing recommendation. Our recommendations are based on printing specifications provided by the mills that make the paper and our own in-house printing tests.

Different Printing Recommendations: Lighter Paper vs. Heavy Card Stock

Within a brand of paper, if you were to browse the different paper weights, you might see different printing recommendations. For example, a lighter text weight sheet within a certain brand might carry both inkjet and laser recommendations, but its heavier cover stock counterpart might only carry an inkjet recommendation. And the reason for that might be that we tested the sheet in a laser printer and experienced less-than-desirable results like roller marks on the sheet.

Review Your Laser Printer Specifications On Paper Thickness

We strongly recommend checking your printer’s specifications on paper thickness/weight. You should only buy paper that falls within the range of allowable weights for your printer.

Test a Sample Sheet in Your Printer

We want to be very clear about this; even with the best information we have from the mills, and even after our own printing tests, we cannot guarantee that our recommendation is absolutely accurate for your printer. You must test a sample in your printer to see if the outcome meets your expectations.

Now that you understand our printer recommendations, are you ready to shop Specialty Paper At LCI?

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