What to Expect When LCI Prints Dark Colored Envelopes

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A Look at LCI’s Addressing Service on Dark Envelopes

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So your stationery suite incorporates a dark color, and you wish to use that color for your mailing envelopes, but are wondering how they may look printed? We collected our dark envelopes papers that we offer printed and photographed them here so you can see how they turn out. All of these dark colored envelopes are only available with black printing, in order to create enough contrast for visibility. Unfortunately we do not have the capability of printing white ink at this time. If you really had your heart set on a specific colored envelope however we are unable to print on it, we suggest you select a lighter color from your color palate and have us match the printing color to the color you intended to use.



Dark Colors We Do Print On:
Stardream Ruby
stardream ruby sample printed envelope

Stardream Lapis Lazulli
stardream lapis lazuli sample printed envelope

Stardream Bronze
stardream bronze sample printed envelope

Gmund Colors Pelagus Smooth
gmund colors pelagus smooth sample printed envelope

Gmund Colors Grape Smooth
gmund colors grape smooth sample printed envelope

Gmund Colors Chocolate Smooth
gmund colors chocolate smooth sample printed envelope

Curious Metallics Violette
curious metallics violette sample printed envelope

Curious Metallics Ionised
curious metallics ionised sample printed envelope

Curious Metallics Botanic
curious metallics botanic sample printed envelope

Curious Metallics Blueprint
curious metallics blueprint sample printed envelope

What does printing on black envelopes actually look like?

Even though our printer will still print on our dark colored envelopes, we do not offer printing on them. We have decided to refrain from printing on these very dark colored envelopes because there is not enough contrast between the printed text/image and the envelope itself. Due to the lack of legible contrast, the Postal Service does not consider the envelopes to be mailable. We do this to save you from spending money on envelopes that you can’t use. You can take a look at how they turn out in the following images and see why we have made the decision.


Stardream Onyx
aspire petallics black ore sample printed envelope

Gmund Colors Ebenum Smooth
gmund colors ebenum smooth sample printed envelope

Aspire Petallics Black Ore
stardream onyx sample printed envelope

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  1. Patrick says:

    Dark color envelopes with printing can really look great, as long as you’re aware how the color of the ink will work with the envelope.