I want to make my own wedding programs. What weight paper should I use?

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Rebecca is making her own wedding programs with Pop-Tone paper, and is wondering which weights of card stock and text paper would be appropriate to use as a program cover and insert sheets.

I am looking to purchase some paper for my wedding programs. I am looking at the pink lemonade color and I am wondering if it makes sense to use the 65Ib card stock for the cover and then the 70Ib text paper for the insert? Is the 65Ib card stock going to be heavier than 70Ib text paper?

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This is a great question. The short answer is that using 65 lb card stock as a program cover and 70 lb text weight paper as a program insert is correct. The card stock is heavier than the text paper. If you want to become an expert in North American paper density, please please view the following video:

Text Weight Paper, Card Stock Paper – Paper Density Explained

If you have any questions on paper for making your own programs, post a comment below.

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