5 Ways to Use a Craft Hole Punch to Decorate Invitations

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A craft hole punch is one of the most affordable tools available to you for dressing up invitations. If you have not yet learned the wonders of this great tool, then you will be surprised to see how many different things you can do with it. Just to get you started, here are five top ideas for using one to add some real punch to your invitations.

  1. Use a ribbon stitch punch to create holes to weave ribbon through. Make sure that ribbons and bows are truly secured to invitations by weaving them through the paper. A ribbon stitch punch creates two parallel holes to run ribbon around or through. Simply punch a hole where you want to tie your ribbon, thread it through, then tie it into a decorative knot or bow. Instead of ribbon, you could also use leather, hemp or strings of beads.
  2. use a ribbon stitch punch to create holes to thread ribbon through

  3. Design your own decorative invitation border using a hole punch. Punch evenly spaced holes around the entire invitation or on the top or sides only. Leave the hole punch border plain, or weave ribbon through the holes for a unique stitched look. The border on the hand stitched birth announcement below was made with a ribbon stitch punch, creating perfect holes for pink satin ribbon to be run through.

  4. hand stitched girl birth announcement

  5. Use a micro round hole punch to start holes for the posts of decorative metal brads, a simple, yet tasteful way to embellish invitations. Micro round craft punches punch a hole that is 1/16 of an inch in diameter, perfect for creating a secure starting point for brad posts.

  6. make holes for brad posts with micro round craft punch

  7. Create confetti. Use the craft hole punch to punch out your own confetti from colorful paper. Place the confetti on the bottom of invitation envelopes for a fun element of surprise. For a special treat, add a favorite scent to the confetti by misting it on and letting it dry.
  8. make DIY confetti with a hole punch to dress up invitations

  9. Punch out the dates. Place a miniature calendar on your invitations or save the date cards, and use a hole punch to punch out the date that the event will take place. This is a fun and unique way to highlight the date of your big event.

hole punched calendar save the date

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