How to Tie a Custom Bow For Your Creative Project

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A hand-tied bow adds the perfect finishing touch to a creative project. Great for embellishing and securing layers, bows are as beautiful they are practical.

In this video, you will learn how to create a custom bow to secure the layers of LCI’s Stardream Vista Wedding Program Kit black chiffon ribbon.

We have all successfully tied many shoelaces, leading us to think that forming a nice, symmetrical bow out of a piece of ribbon should be an easy task. Unfortunately, the method used by most people to tie shoelaces does not yield the most symmetrical bow when using ribbon. Though these embellishments can be initially frustrating, all it takes to form the perfect bow are a few tweaks to your technique, and a bit of patience and practice. You will be tying beautiful bows in no time at all!

  • 1. Begin by cutting your ribbon to approximate size. For easy handling and room for error, leave yourself plenty of slack. To create this bow, we will use approximately three feet of ribbon.
  • 2. Next, place your ribbon where it will be tied, and adjust it so that both ends are approximately the same length.
  • 3. Then, similar to tying a shoelace, cross the two ends of the ribbon, passing one end under the other.
  • 4. Next, tie a knot where the ribbons have crossed. The knot will hold the ends of the ribbon in place so you will not have to repeat this step if you make an error later.
  • 5. Now, make one side of the ribbon into a loop of the approximate size you desire. Be careful not to twist the ribbon while making your loop.
  • 6. Repeat this step to make a similar loop, being careful not to twist the ribbon.
  • 7. Next, cross the two loops, pulling one beneath the other, as you did in step one.
  • 8. Pull the loops together tightly. Do not worry if your bow appears messy and asymmetrical at this point.
  • 9. Now you are ready to adjust your loops. Loosely pull on the loops until they are the size and position you desire.
  • 10. Last, trim the ribbon ends to a length and angle you like.

Congratulations! In no time at all, you have created a custom hand tied bow!

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