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Hear from LCI Paper’s Joshua Blood about Vice Versa paper and all of its distinguished features and qualities. Sit back and listen to some interesting facts about Vice Versa’s unique ribbed texture and modern color palette; learn where Vice Versa gets its name; and get some close up views and a personal perspective of this unique specialty paper.

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Vice Versa – Modern, Uncomplicated Style

If you are looking for a modern, stylish paper for your next creative project, look no further than Vice Versa paper. Manufactured in Germany by world-famous Gmund paper mill, Vice Versa is backed by unprecedented standards of beauty, quality, and environmental consciousness. Clean and uncomplicated in design, Vice Versa is highlighted by its trendy color palette and its light verge ribbing texture – one that is pleasant to the eye and touch. Consider Vice Versa a sharp, contemporary alternative to a classic linen, and the basis of your next impressive design.

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Vice Versa array

Gmund paper mill is in Gmund Village Germany

If it Comes from Gmund, It Has to be Good – About Germany’s Gmund Paper Mill

Gmund is Germany’s finest traditional paper mill, located near Austria and the Bavarian Alps. Owned by the Kohler family for nearly a century, the Gmund paper mill is renowned for a culture of papermaking that combines meticulous, old world craftsmanship with modern production methods and innovative designs.

What’s more, Gmund manufactures all of their fine papers chlorine free, pH neutral, fade resistant, and with only sustainable raw materials. Without using any chemicals, the mill’s innovative ozone purification system cleans their waste water, turning it into drinking quality and returning it to nearby Lake Tegernsee.

Distinguished in Character & Quality – The Total Paper Package

Manufactured with the environment, quality, and longevity in mind, Vice Versa is manufactured:

  • Chlorine free
  • Acid free
  • pH neutral
  • Age/fade resistant
  • With only sustainable raw materials

Array of textured Vice Versa specialty paper

16 Trendy, Complementary Colors

The Vice Versa line is made up of 8 complementary light & dark (Vice – Versa) color pairs; a total of 16 dashing colors to choose from.

Video: Learn about Vice Versa’s Distinguished Texture

Premium Heavyweight Cover

LCI offers all colors of the Vice Versa line in a heavyweight 111 pound (300g) cover stock.

Range of Convenient Pre-Cut Sizes

Vice Versa papers are available in an impressive range of convenient pre-cut paper and card sizes. From small 3.5 x 4.9 inch response cards, to 27.5 x 39.37 full size sheets, LCI stocks the standard sizes you may need for your project.

Vice Versa albus and lac envelopes

Premium Vice Versa Envelopes – Two Neutral, Ever Matching Options

Constructed with heavy 91 pound (135g) text weight papers, Vice Versa envelopes are offered in two neutral colors that complement the entire line – bright white Albus, and off-white Lac. Choose from five popular sizes. The perfect finishing touch for your design, these premium textured envelopes will be sure to impress.

ink jet printed vice versa card

Printing on Vice Versa Paper

Due to the heavy weight and defined texture of Vice Versa paper, it is recommended for high quality ink jet printers. The manufacturer also recommends the following conventional print methods.

  • Offset printing
  • Letterpress
  • Blind embossing
  • Hot foil stamping
  • Paper etching
  • Thermography
  • Silk-screen printing
  • Die cutting

Price Point

Vice Versa price point: 3.5 out of 5

Imported from Germany and replete with both beauty and quality, Vice Versa is a high-end line of paper. In a comparison of all lines of paper offered by LCI, Vice Versa is given a 3.5 out of 5 price point; a slightly higher than mid range paper.

Vice Versa wedding program

Get Creative with Vice Versa

The broad color range, distinguished texture, and heavy weight of Vice Versa paper makes it ideal for creating an endless variety of refined, impressive designs. Create high-end invitations for all occasions, stand-out promotional pieces, event programs, menus, gift boxes, and more!

Into Heavy Texture? Brands Comparable to Vice Versa

Though the color palette and ribbed texture of Vice Versa is unique in nature, other heavily textured brands include:

Tsumugi Japanese Linen:

Like Vice Versa, Tsumugi Japanese linen features a distinct, prominent texture and is offered in a modern, stylish color palette. Still quite heavy, Tsumugi is a 90 pound cover sheet. However, imported from Japan, Tsumugi linen is priced higher than Vice Versa. It is also offered in fewer sizes.

Gmund Savanna Woodgrain:

Another product of Gmund, Savanna woodgrain paper features a distinct texture that captures the character of real wood. Although offered in just four colors, Savanna is identical to Vice Versa in weight (111 pound cover), quality, and environmentally sound manufacturing. Savanna is offered in similar sizes to Vice Versa, though no matching envelopes are available. Savanna is similarly priced to Vice Versa.

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