Gmund Urban Photos

Gmund Urban. You Just Have to See (and Touch) This.

Brilliantly designed, rich in style and texture, Gmund Urban is a must-see, must- touch collection. Take a look, see for yourself.

Gmund Urban collection now available at LCI Paper in cement and brasilia textures

(Left to right — Brasilia Black, Cement Black, Brasilia Grey, Cement Grey, Brasilia Dust, Cement Dust, Brasilia Powder, Cement Powder)

Gmund Urban collection collage - Urban now available at

Four Contemporary Colors

  • Dust – A very light gray
  • Grey – A medium grey
  • Powder – Cream with just a subtle pink undertone
  • Black – A deep, classic black

Two Fantastic Finishes

  • Cement – Looks, feels, and is even made with the real thing
  • Brasilia – A dual-color wood grain, each sheet encompassing its own unique character

Pretty sharp, huh? See some printed pieces below. From offset to embossing, when it comes to Urban, it all just works.

Gmund Urban Brasilia Dust printed with letterpress

Letterpress on Brasilia Dust

Bold color meets bold texture on this letterpressed Brasilia Dust sample.

Gmund Urban Brasilia Black foil stamped

Foil Stamping on Brasilia Black

Black on black has never looked more chic.

Gmund Urban Cement Black foil silk screened

Silk Screen on Cement Black

Silver silk screen on rich black is nothing less than striking.

Gmund Urban Cement Dust printed offset

Offset on Cement Dust

This saturated, crystal clear photo was printed offset on Cement Dust, a prime example.

Gmund Urban Cement Powder embossed and debossed

Embossing on Cement Powder

Embossing on Cement Powder. Clean, simple, beautiful.

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