Tomah, Wisconsin Girl Scouts Make Christmas Cards for the Troops

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Two months ago, our office manager, Linda Giesin, received an e-mail from Kelly Honish, a Girl Scout Leader in Tomah, Wisconsin. Kelly wrote about the community wide card making day she planned for her Girl Scouts to make cards for our overseas soldiers. Linda, along with owner Larry Chase, sent a care package for the girls with a variety of cards, envelopes, and specialty paper. After Kelly’s Girl Scouts had made their cards for the troops, Kelly shared her experience.

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My role with Girl Scouts is Troop Leader, Tomah Day Camp Coordinator, and also I assist our community service chair. I have been involved with Girl Scouts for eight years.

The idea for making cards for our soldiers was proposed to me last year by the Operation Home Front coordinator in Tomah. Operation Home Front is a local organization that sends packages, cards, etc. to our troops throughout the year. Last year we made over 1,000 cards to send. This year we made almost 400.

We had decided in September at one of our leaders meetings that we really enjoyed the project last year and it was something worth doing again this year. I remembered e-mailing your company last year and you were so gracious and quick to respond with supplies I felt it was worth a try again this year. Once again you pulled through with even more and greater items. So on November 8, we assembled a group of Girl Scouts at the United Methodist Church in Tomah and with the help of other leaders and parents bringing in stamping supplies and decorations for the cards, the girls got creative! They had a blast making the cards and really put their hearts into it. Some of the cards had been pre-prepped–cut and folded for the girls so they could just start designing. Listening to the girls talk about family members, friends, neighbors, etc. that they knew overseas was amazing!

I have worked for the VA Medical Center for 22 years. The veterans hold a very special place in my heart. I’ve seen many veterans come and go and it is so heartwarming to listen to them tell of the items they received while overseas and what it meant to them. I also have nephews, uncles, cousins, and friends of my children who are and were in the service, so this card making day is a GREAT thing in my opinion. I couldn’t imagine being away from family for the holidays and if a simple thing like a card can bring a smile and another minute being able to bear it, I think it is OH, SO WORTH IT!

The cards that the Girl Scouts made this year were taken to the Lanstulh Military Hospital in Germany. Cards are going to be delivered by one of our leaders this week.

Last year we received a thank you from Operation Home Front for the cards and a few of the comments that they received directly. We do not include an address when we send the cards, nor any last names. The girls sign the cards with their first names only.

Again, thank you for your generous donation and the ability to help put smiles on those of our scouts and our service people.

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Thanks to Kelly for her role in organizing the card making day and for her service to the Girl Scouts and the VA Medical Center. We appreciate the opportunity to be involved.

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