Standard Sizes for Wedding Response Cards & Envelopes

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Three Popular Choices For Your Wedding RSVP Cards

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When it comes to wedding response cards, there are two standard sizes and three popular choices:

  • A1 card and envelope*
  • A2 card and envelope
  • A2 postcard response, no envelope

In this video and post, learn about the popular response card choices and which one is best for your wedding invitation ensemble.

*In this video, A1 (3 1/2 x 4 7/8″ card) is referred to as an A4, as the term “4-bar” commonly refers to an A1 size response envelope (3 5/8 x 5 1/8″).


A1 response card and envelope

1. A1 Card & Envelope – Compact

A1 is the smallest wedding response size, and in fact, is the smallest size that can be mailed in the US, which makes it a nice, compact choice:

A1 cards must be mailed in an envelope, and require standard postage.

A2 response card and envelope

2. A2 Card & Envelope – Room for Extra Info

Slightly larger, A2s are also quite popular for wedding response cards. They afford you extra room should you need to add a lot of detail to your response cards – meal choices, multiple wedding weekend events, etc.

You may choose to mail an A2 card in an envelope, or on its own as a post card. A2 cards and envelopes require standard postage.

A2 postcard response

3. A2 Postcard Response – Economical

An economical, eco-friendly, and increasingly popular choice, many are choosing to use a post card response without an envelope. The United States Postal Service has the following requirements for postcards:

  • Rectangular card
  • At least:
    • 3 1/2″ tall
    • 5″ long
    • 0.007″ thick
  • No more than:
    • 4 1/4″ tall
    • 6″ long
    • 0.016″ thick

As you can see, any of our A2 flat cards are a perfect fit!

So long as your post card falls within these perimeters, they do not require a mailing envelope, and require less than standard postage – just a single, economical postcard stamp.

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