Best Scoring Tools For Scrapbookers & Crafters

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June 2, 2015 By: Kristen

If you've ever tried folding thick card stock without scoring it first, you know it can result in a cracked, crooked fold and an unprofessional looking card. Don't be that person - score your card stock before folding! Learn how to score paper and which tools are best for the job in this article.


How do I hand score card stock with a bone folder?

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September 22, 2010 By: Larry Chase

Want to make custom folding cards, programs, etc. with our card stock? If you've tried to hand fold card stock, you've probably noticed that it's not easy to get a crisp, even fold. Card stock is thicker than text weight paper and while hand folding works well on lighter, text sheets, it is not recommended for heavier card stock. With that being said, there is a way to pre-score card stock with a simple tool called a bone folder. In this video, you'll learn how!