Heather Hyatt’s Creative Japanese Paper Idea-Beautiful Chiyogami Jewelry

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September 23, 2010 By: LCI Paper Staff

bangle bracelet made with Japanese chiyogami paperFreelance graphic designer and artist Heather Hyatt discusses the gorgeous, one of a kind pieces she makes with Japanese Chiyogami paper. Read Heather's interview to learn more about this innovative Chiyogami paper idea!


Brief History of Chiyogami (Yuzen) Paper

September 8, 2010 By: LCI Paper Staff

Chiyogami & Yuzen Defined

The word "Chiyogami" is a very specific word, however nobody is exactly sure of the derivation of the word. One popular belief that is means 1,000 generations but that hasn't really been documented too clearly. The paper that we know as chiyogami actually comes from a blending of two Japanese traditions: woodblock-printed Japanese papers ("chiyogami"), and a specific style of kimono fabric patterns ("Yuzen"). The word "Yuzen" originally referred to a style of highly elaborate designs, incorporating a lot of gold, which were printed onto cloth for kimonos.


Japanese Chiyogami Paper-Beautiful, Traditional, Handmade

September 3, 2010 By: LCI Paper Staff

LCI Paper's Naomi teaches us more about Japanese Chiyogami paper in this bilingual video. Speaking first in English, then in her native tongue, Japanese, Naomi discusses the tradition behind Chiyogami, how it is made, and all of its rich, beautiful qualities.


Origami with Chiyogami – Melissa’s Chinese Take Out Box and Chopstick Holder

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May 7, 2010 By: LCI Paper Staff

Recently, Melissa Bock of New York submitted this photo of her Chinese Take Out Box and Chopstick holder that she created for a Graphic Design class. Using a heavy weight Bristol paper, Japanese chiyogami paper, spray adhesive, and decorative brads, Melissa created a beautiful design that is unlike any we have featured before. As we always enjoy learning more about the great things customers are doing with our paper, Melissa was kind enough to tell us more about her unique Share Your Creativity submission.


Interesting Facts On Chiyogami Paper

December 16, 2009 By: LCI Paper Staff


The vibrant patterns found on Japanese Chiyogami Paper have the ability add a touch of elegance to any creative project. Despite its delicate appearance, Chiyogami is quite durable. It is also easy to cut, fold, and paste; making it ideal for creating distinctive invitations, scrap-book pages, envelope liners, or any creative project that comes to mind.