Shawnna’s Stunning Seashell Wedding Invitation

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seashell invitation 1This week, I received an e-mail from Shawnna, an LCI customer based in Massachusetts. She wanted to share photos of her beautiful and unique wedding invitation. She and her fiance will be married in a small ceremony on the beach this May. We encourage our customers to share their creativity so that others might be inspired to create invitations and other projects themselves.

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Here is a transcript of the interview:

How did you come to the decision to make your own wedding invitations?

Well, we’re doing a smaller beach ceremony, so I only had to make like 15 invitations, and most places you have to order them in bulk, so I just decided I would do my own and it doing it that way I could make them more special. The other thing too though is–and I can show you after I’m done if you want—but I sort of have a modified version in my head for the wedding reception we’re going to have ’cause it’s a lot more people. So I’m going to take your same envelopes with the paper insert, and I’m going to wrap them with a ribbon with a small starfish and put them in your silver lined envelopes. So it will be similar but not quite as, you know, fancy so they can all be shipped out.

Your invitations have a beautiful beach and ocean theme. Tell me about
that inspiration.

Well, we’re getting married on the beach and my bridesmaids’ colors are almost the exact color of your aqua pochette.

You guys both must love the beach and the ocean, right?

Oh yeah.

In choosing your invitation components, where did you begin?

seashell invitation 1I actually really liked the petal fold, so I just searched for the petal fold and you guys [] came up with the perfect color and I liked the pearl, so that’s where I started. And then I just sort of added. The inserts were white with a silver trim so that’s how I picked the white ribbons and the silver tissue paper and then the white boxes.

Ok. So it was LCI’s Aqua Silver Frame Pochette that got you started and you kind of liked that color scheme so you just went ahead with the rest of your items.


Speaking of components, each invitation has quite a few, not to mention
embellishments like ribbons, starfish and shells. You only did 15, but did you still have a bunch of people around to help you assemble these?

No. I did them all myself.

Your entire invitation, all the choices you made, even the photos you
sent me, show a real eye for design. Are you a designer or do you have a design background?

No I’m a nurse.

Ok, alright.

[Laughter] I just like it. It’s fun. Something I love.

Well, you might have some people asking for your design eye after this–after they get the invitations.

You know, I’ve been told that more than once.

Alright. And have they been sent out yet?


Tell me about some reactions.

seashell invitation 1Well, my mother and my grandmother cried and everybody’s just said that they’re the most beautiful invitations they’ve ever seen. I’ve got nothing but like really, like gasps, you know, because I watched a couple people open them and we hand gave them to some people and then I shipped a couple and they called me right away and just told me they were amazing and they’ve never seen anything like it, so…

Yeah, nor had I. And I just want to thank you for being the first to follow up with that section you saw on LCI’s guide that we sent you with your order. And can I ask what motivated you to go ahead and respond to that?

seashell invitation 1Well, I was trying to figure out a way to share the invitations with other people because I got such a big response for them. And they weren’t overly… Your prices are great and getting the other components, if you do it right, it wasn’t overly expensive to have a really, like stunning invitation, and so I kind of wanted to figure out a way to share that with people. Because, you know, I was looking for a way to do it [myself], and thought other people might too. And so when I ordered your paper for my program, I saw that thing and I was like, “Oh, that’s a good way to share my design.”

Nice! Again, I thank you for that. And other folks are, I think, going to be inspired to try things like this themselves.

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