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Say Hello to Gmund Colors — 48 inspired colors and 4 luxe finishes strategically developed to simplify luxury design.

Gmund Color System swatch book. 48 color, 4 finish luxury paper system available at LCI Paper

Want to know more? Download our free guide, 10 Reasons Gmund Color System will be Your New Favorite Color System.

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Want to See Gmund Colors in Person? Order a Swatch Book!

Color System swatch books are offered in 6+ formats, all of which:

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Why is Gmund so great? Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll find in our guide.

Gmund Color System selector swatch book. Simple luxury paper system in 48 colors and 4 finishes at your fingertips.

48 Colors & 4 Finishes

A timeless system comprised of 48 colors and 4 finishes, it has been argued that Gmund Colors System is all you’ll ever need.

Mix & Match Guarantee

Colors has been cleverly crafted to mix and match across the board. That’s right – any color will harmonize perfectly with any of the other 47 colors! Try it out and see for yourself (it’s pretty cool)!

Inspired & Ingenious Colors

There’s some neat science and fun stories behind those 48 rich shades. Learn about them in the guide!

Systematic & Simple Grid

Why 48? Why a grid? It was all research and all in the name of a simple, systematic luxury paper collection.

Luxury packaging design ideas - made with Gmund Color System paper.

The Paper for Every Print & Project

Lots of testing and perfecting went into this one! Color System papers have been determined to be suitable for any and all common print methods – offset, digital, foil, letterpress, you name it! That makes design life easy.

10 Year Availability Guarantee

Also making design life easy – a 10 year availability guarantee! When the System was launched in 2015, all 48 colors were guaranteed to be available until 2025. This is great news for long term brand identity projects.

Global Availability Guarantee

The full Color System is currently available on 3 continents and in 28 countries and growing. This means that an identical paper will always be available around the world. Again, highly convenient for branding and manufacturing!

Gmund Colors Matt rolls at paper mill.

Craftsmanship of Color & Quality

Learn more about Gmund’s color laboratory and strict quality tests. See what gives Gmund papers their reputation for world class excellence.

Energy Efficient and Eco Conscious

50% of its paper production energy coming from their own hydroelectric power, Gmund ranks amongst the world’s most environmentally friendly paper mills. Read about their other awesome initiatives in the guide.

Gmund: Passionate Paper Makers

Gmund Paper Mill is one of the oldest paper mills in the world (and they use one of the oldest machines to make paper – one from 1883 to be exact)! More info their unique history and paper manufacturing techniques is in the guide.

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