Save the Date Card Etiquette: All You Need to Know

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In a world of increasingly busy lives, save the date cards are designed to inform guests of the date of your upcoming event, so that they may plan far in advance to attend. Save the date cards have gained popularity throughout the past decade, yet are still a fairly new trend in the scheme of things. As a result, many find themselves unfamiliar with save the date use and etiquette. If you find yourself in this position, read on.

Are Save the Date Cards Necessary?

If you want to be certain all of your friends and family will mark off the time to be able to attend your special event, we would say, YES! Even if planning an event on a tight budget, Save The Date reminders are a good idea. We are not saying Save the date cards are not necessary for every event, or that you need to mail professionally printed cards (ohone calls and online free invites can work too) but are highly recommended in the following instances.

Having Your Event Over A Holiday Weekend?

People tend to plan far in advance for long holiday weekends. Save the dates are usually mailed four to six months prior to your event, which will give your guests sufficient amount of advance notice. Without alerting guests far enough in advance, you run the risk of your event conflicting with their scheduled holiday plans.

Will Your Guests Be Traveling Or Are You Having A Destination Event?

If more than a handful of your guests will be traveling to your event, bear in mind, they will need to plan ahead for flights, hotels, and perhaps time off from work. As we all know the earlier you arrange air travel the less expensive the cost should be. Advance notice is always helpful for guests in these situations.

Is Your Event At A Popular Tourist Location?

If your event is taking place in a popular tourist location, keep in mind that hotels may book up fast, so prior notice is helpful.

If none of these situations apply to your event, simply mailing your invitations approximately six weeks in advance should be sufficient.

How Far in Advance Should I Mail My Save the Date Cards?

You want to give your guests adequate notice, but you do not want to mail your save the date so far in advance that they have time to misplace and forget it.

Printable Save the date cards With Color Borders

As mentioned above, it is customary to send save the date cards four to six months prior to your event. However, if you are planning a destination or major holiday wedding, it is recommended that you send them nine to twelve months in advance.

What Information Should I Include on My Save the Date?

A common save the date mistake is not including enough information on your card. Remember, save the dates are a fairly new trend, and not every guest that receives one will be familiar with the practice. For this reason, the purpose should be clear and include the following information.

  • Names and Event or Catchy Title “Jane and Joe are Getting Married” or “Susan’s Bat Mitzvah”
  • The Event Date Saturday February 14, 2019
  • Event Location Ocean Edge Resort, Brewster, MA
  • Reminder That This Is Not The Invitation Invitation To Follow

Should My Save The Date Be Formal Or Casual?

The best part of save the date cards is creating them! It is customary to match the theme and mood of your event to your save the date card, yet you may get creative in doing so. Save the date cards can come in any shape, size, or format, and will be your guests first impression of your event, so have fun!

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