Make a Rustic Program Fan with Kraft Cards & Twine

Nothing Says Rustic Like Kraft + Twine (& It’s Eco-Friendly Too!)

Nothing says rustic like kraft paper and twine, and nothing says eco-friendly like 100% recycled kraft paper and organic hemp twine, so we thought, “hey, we should combine these things and make a rustic-chic, eco-chic wedding program fan!” So we did just that, and in the tutorial below, we give you all the info you need to make your own.

Below you’ll find free downloadable print templates, step-by-step assembly instructions, and a materials list so you can make this program fan using the cards and twine of your choice. Feel free to replicate what we did here, or to put your own personal spin on it – either way, it’s going to be a great!

Materials To Customize Program Fan Design

Single Cut Blank Cards

8 Inch Wavy Wooden Fan Handle


Hemp Twine

Round Corner Punch

  • Round Corner Punch

1. Download & Customize Word Templates

Begin by downloading the print templates from the above. The file is a compressed zip file which includes 2 print templates with the following specs:

  • Front and back side templates with sample wording as seen in example piece
  • Microsoft Word format
  • 7 x 7 size
  • Standard font

Customize templates as you see fit – changing wording, colors, and fonts to complement your wedding theme.

How to Edit Text Boxes & Lines in Template

  • Text Boxes: Much of the text on the front side of the program is inside of text boxes. To edit, double click on the box until a blue outline appears (see below).
  • Lines: To edit the linear dividers (color, thickness, style), double click on the line to open a formatting gallery

The Fonts
The font on this program design are as followed:

  • Pompiere – “The Wedding Ceremony Uniting”
  • Gabriola – “Julia Lee/Nicholas Jensen”
  • Sexy Love Hearts 2 – (a dingbat font) – Heart with arrow

Download and edit free program fan Word print templates

2. Print Cards

After customizing, print cards with your home printer.If you are using 80lb Desert Storm card stock like we did here, it is laser and ink jet friendly!

printed kraft cards for wedding program fan

3.Punch Round Corners

Use your hand held round corner punch to round out the corners of your cards (you should be able to do two cards at once if using 80lb cards).

use punch to make round corner cards

4. Glue Stick to Cards, Cards to Each Other

Next, assemble each program fan using your adhesive of choice.

  • Glue stick to back of one card
  • Trace perimeter of same card with glue
  • Cover other side of the stick with glue
  • Press back of other card firmly to glue covered card

use Zip Dry to assemble program fan

5. Cut Approximately 3 Feet of Twine Per Program

On our program, we used about 3 feet (36 inches) of twine per fan, first doubling it up then tying into a knot with long tails. You may use more or less, depending on what you want your twine embellishment to look like.

cut twine for program fans

6. Tie Twine Around Stick

Tie your twine embellishment around each stick – and you’re done!

tie twine into a knot around stick

rustic program fans made with twine and kraft cardstock

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