Satin Ribbon Adorned Round Corner Wedding Invitation

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Simple, Modern, Stylish, & Oh So Easy to Make!

Satin Ribbon Round Corner Wedding Invitation – it’s simple, it’s stylish, and in this tutorial, you’ll find all the tools you need to make your own. DIY invitations don’t get much easier than this!

Here’s How it works:

Select your cards, envelopes, and ribbon; download the free print templates; and follow the step by step assembly instructions to your own custom design. Choose from a full spectrum of colorful lined envelopes, response envelopes, and ribbons to complement your wedding color scheme.

We provide the tools and the materials, you provide the creativity. The sky is the limit with this simple design, so have fun!


Download Templates


Instructions for Assembly

1.Download Printing Templates

Download Microsoft Word printing templates for your round corner invitation and response cards from the Download Templates block above.

Customize templates for round corner wedding invitation cards

2.Customize Templates

Now onto to the fun part, customizing! Change sample wording to your own unique wording and experiment with various font and color combinations.

Fonts shown on featured design:

  • Tangerine – Regular (script, blue)
  • Calibri – Small Caps (text, gray)


When you are satisfied with the appearance of your invitation and response card documents, print.

Need Help Printing?
Printing Invitations at Home with Your Computer & Printer

4. Create Ribbon Band

To create the ribbon band:

  • Cut Approximately 12 inches of ribbon
  • Wrap ribbon tightly around front of card, and bring to back
  • Secure in the back using glue or double sided tape*

Important Adhesive Note* We have found that using a minimal amount of adhesive works best. For a smooth, flat appearance, use only two dabs of glue or two pieces of flat double sided tape:

  • Adhere ribbon to card where the ribbon overlaps
  • Adhere ribbon to ribbon in location of overlap

How to make a ribbon band for invitations

Not Into Bands? Try Another Ribbon Embellishment!

Tie Ribbon into a Bow

Instead of a band, tie thinner 1/4″ or 1/8″ satin ribbon into a bow. No adhesive required!

Round corner wedding invitation with tied satin bow

Or Use a Pre-Tied Self-Adhesive Bow No Cutting or Tying Required!

If you are looking for a really simple embellishing option, try a pre-tied self-stick bow. No measuring, cutting, or tying necessary – just peel and stick!

Round corner wedding invitation with pre-tied self-stick satin bow