Return Address Printing

How to Order Return Address Printing

We offer return addressing on the back flaps of invitation envelopes as well as the front center of response envelopes. Here is how to order:

1. Select Printed Button

Once you find the envelopes you like, click on the “Printed” button. Doing so will bring up customization options.

select printed button on envelope ordering page

2. Select Location

Next, select the location of your return address. You will choose “Front Center” for reply envelopes and “Back Flap” for invitation mailing envelopes.

Select location of envelope printing

3. Enter Address (or Send Us a PDF)

Type in your return address.

Note: If you are sending your own print ready art work, you can skip this step, but please be sure to select the “Custom Graphics/Custom Font” box.

Type in envelope return address live view

4. Choose Font and Color (or Send Us Your Font)

Select the font and color you want your return address to be in. Again, if you’d like to send us your own font, please check the custom box.

Select font and color for reply envelope printing

5. Approve Your Proof

If you order non-custom envelopes, you can view and approve your proof before you place your order by checking the box.

Review on page PDF proof of printed response envelopes

If sending custom artwork or fonts, you will receive a custom proof via email.

Once you approve, we print and ship your envelopes within five business days.

Return Address Printing FAQs

Do I have to have a name in my return address?

Though it is ok to have just a return address (no name) on invitation envelopes, we recommend adding a name to reply envelope return addresses to ensure their timely arrival back to you.

Can I get my return address printed in the upper left hand corner instead of the back flap?

Sure, we can do this for you, but as it overrides our automated proofing system you will have to select the custom graphics option.

Do my invitation and reply envelope return addresses have to match?

Typically people match their invitation and reply return addresses, but it isn’t set in stone.

Why is the return address not centered top to bottom on the back flap?

We set your return address .5 inches from the top of the flap. We do this because our proofing is automated and this allows for four-line addresses to fit.

Why is the return address not centered top to bottom on the reply envelope?

Reply envelope addresses are printed slightly lower than center to allow room for the stamp.

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