Rebecca’s DIY Copper Ore Pochette Wedding Invitation

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New bride Rebecca and LCI Paper owner & founder Larry Chase met through a Twitter conversation. Rebecca, a full-time designer at Integrated Network Technologies, had designed her own wedding invitations and used blank pochettes, cards, and envelopes that she purchased from LCI Paper. Larry encouraged her to submit her invitation to me so that I could share her design with you. And here it is!

Rebecca's custom DIY wedding invitation

Rebecca was kind enough to tell me about her decision to design her own wedding invitation. Here is that interview:

How did you decide to make your own invitations?

My decision to make my own was based on two points; I am a professional graphic designer and my friends and family pretty much expect to see me flex my creativity muscles. Also, my husband and I were pretty much paying for the majority of our wedding, so saving on costs was important.

You used LCI’s Copper Ore 6 1/4″ square pochettes, Copper Ore response
envelopes, and Wet Black Forest 6 1/2 envelopes. Did you end up using the 6×6 vellum overlays?

Yes, I did actually. Good catch.

Tell me about the two unique pieces on your envelope — the return address sticker and the flower embellishment in the lower left corner.

I wanted to add a unique personal touch, part of my job as a designer is to be economical and creative. Since it was small run of 160, I added the personal touches by hand. I bought scrapbook handheld flower dye cuts from a local craft store, one for the corner of the envelope so the copper would show through and the other to create a sticker as envelope seal. For the sticker I found the exact paper used for the copper envelope. I bought sheets of double stick paper and order a custom stamp design with our last name initial and return address circling around. We hand address the envelopes with a copper marker. Yes, my hands were a little sore afterward, but it was worth it.

The beautiful folder with the flower stencil… Is that your wedding program? Please tell me about that piece.

The folder was a guide of all the information you need to know for the wedding; location, times, food choices, directions, website address, etc. That way the guests had it all in one and could use it as a guide at the wedding. The flower stencil was of a lotus, my uncle, also an artist, built a large sculpture for the a background piece in the ceremony (attached). I carried the lotus symbol through out the design.

Rebecca and husband

What were your guests’ reactions to your invitation?
I think they were impressed, but wouldn’t of expected anything less from me. One friend, Corrine Feld (You have spoken to her), I recommended your company when she started designing wedding invites for others.

Do you think you made the right decision to make your invitations yourself?

I definitely believe it was the right decision, it made it special and was very economical.

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