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Among paper craft hobbyists and professionals alike, Zip Dry Paper Glue is well known for its quick drying ability. Zip Dry also advertises that it is acid and lignin free, dries completely clear and wrinkle free, and securely bonds metals, plastics, glitters, and other craft surfaces to paper.

After learning about all of Zip Dry’s positive claims, I wanted to put it to the test for myself in the same context that LCI customers would:

  • Adhering paper layers
  • Adhering various embellishments to invitations, scrapbook pages, and other creative projects

To determine how Zip Dry would perform for LCI customers, I tested it in the following four areas:

4 Test Areas

  1. Does Zip Dry wrinkle paper?
  2. How well does Zip Dry bond various paper and embellishment surfaces?
  3. How fast does Zip Dry dry?
  4. Does Zip Dry dry clear?

To see how Zip Dry performed, watch the following video, or read the more in depth article below.

Zip Dry Product Review Video

Zip Dry Product Review Article

In testing Zip Dry in the four areas, I took into account that LCI customers use specialty papers of various weights and finishes, and a variety of embellishments. To gain a broader perspective of Zip Dry’s abilities, I performed the tests with the following materials:

Materials Used In Tests

  • Matte finish paper in cover and text weights
  • Metallic finish paper in cover and text weights
  • Metal brad embellishments
  • Satin and chiffon ribbon embellishments

Quick Result Overview

Overall, Zip Dry performed very well in all four test areas. It seems to be a quality paper adhesive that lives up to all of its claims. The details and results of the tests are below.

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1. Does Zip Dry Wrinkle Paper?


Zip Dry packaging states that it will never wrinkle paper, and instructs users to “apply a thin bead of glue in from the edges” of paper to be bonded.

Test Details

To see if Zip Dry is truly a wrinkle free adhesive, I performed two tests in which I glued invitation layers together.

  • Test 1 – Apply a thin layer of glue around invitation cards as instructed
  • Test 2 – Pour an unrealistic amount of glue onto invitation cards

place zip dry around invitation edge only

Test 1 – Thin Layer Of Glue

As instructed, I applied a thin layer of glue around four invitation cards before adhering them to heavy invitation backer cards:

  • Text weight matte finish card
  • Text weight metallic finish card
  • Cover weight matte finish card
  • Cover weight metallic finish card

A photo of the amount of glue applied is shown right.

Test 1 Results

Zip Dry dried wrinkle free. Metallic or matte, text or cover weight, no wrinkles were present in any of the top layer cards.

zip dry doesn't wrinkle cards

Test 2 – Unrealistic Amount Of Glue

To truly put Zip Dry’s wrinkle free claim to the test, I repeated the same test as above. This time, instead of applying a thin layer of glue, I poured a very large amount of glue onto each of the four cards.

too much zip dry on invitation

Test 2 Results

Zip Dry remained wrinkle free. Even with an absurd amount of glue poured onto each card, amazingly, Zip Dry did not wrinkle any of the invitation cards; even the thinner text weight cards! A photo of the large amount of glue and the smooth results is shown above.

2 – How Well Does Zip Dry Bond Various Paper & Embellishment Surfaces?


As stated on the packing; “Zip Dry Paper Glue is strong enough to bond metal and other trims to scrapbooks [and] can also attach beads, glitter, rhinestones, and wire to paper.”

Test Details

To test how strongly Zip Dry bonds various paper and embellishment surfaces, I tested the strength of the following 4 bonds

  1. Matte finish paper to matte finish paper
  2. Metallic finish paper to metallic finish paper
  3. Metal brads to both matte and metallic finish papers
  4. Satin and chiffon ribbon to both matte and metallic finish papers
Bond Test 1 – How Well Does Zip Dry Adhere To Matte Finish Paper?

To test the strength of matte paper glued to matte paper, I simply tried to pull apart the layers of invitations I created above.


For all matte finish invitations, regardless of the amount of glue between the layers, I could not peel the invitation layers apart without tearing the paper.

Bond Test 2 – How Well Does Zip Dry Adhere To Metallic Paper?

To test the strength of the metallic paper bond, again, I attempted to peel apart the layers of the metallic invitations I created above.


Results for this test were the same as above. Whether the invitations were adhered with a thin line or a large amount of glue, they could not be peeled apart without tearing the paper. The non-porous surface of metallic paper did not seem to impact Zip Dry’s bond.

fill concave of metal brad with zip dry

Bond Test 3 – How Well Does Zip Dry Adhere To Metal?

For this test, the concave areas of two metal brads were filled with glue as shown in the photo. The brads were then adhered to both matte and metallic papers. After drying, the strength of the metal to paper bond was tested by

  • attempting to move the brads around on cards
  • attempting to peel the brads off cards

The metal brads held firm to both matte and metallic cards. Upon attempting to move brads around on the cards, they did not budge. However, on both metallic and matte cards, the brad could be peeled off with light force. However, under normal circumstances, it is unlikely that your creative project will encounter the force it would take to remove this metal embellishment.

Note: It took less effort to peel brads off of metallic paper, perhaps due to its non-porous surface.

Bond Test 4 – How Well Does Zip Dry Adhere To Satin And Chiffon?

For this test, dabs of glue were used to adhere pieces of satin and chiffon ribbon to metallic and matte invitation cards. Bond strength was tested by tugging on the loose ends of the ribbon multiple times after drying. See below.

ribbon glued to paper with zip dry


Zip Dry firmly adhered both satin and chiffon ribbons to all cards. Even after five or six quick, firm pulls, ribbon remained in place on metallic and matte cards. Ribbons could intentionally be pulled off of all cards, but with quite a bit of force. Again, it was slightly easier to pull ribbon off of metallic cards.

3 – How Fast Does Zip Dry Dry?


Zip Dry advertises that it dries with 5-10 minutes, depending on the amount of adhesive applied.

Test Details: To determine if Zip Dry dries as rapidly as stated, I tracked the drying times from the tests detailed above, noting the trends.

Summary Of Drying Time Results
  • Like the small dots of glue on the ribbons, very small amounts of adhesive completely dried in less than 1 minute!
  • Invitation cards with the recommend thin layer of glue completely dried within 10 minutes.
  • Invitations with a large amount of glue took approximately 25-30 minutes to dry, as noted by trying to peel layers apart before drying.
  • The large dot of glue applied to the concave area of metal brads took approximately 30 minutes to fully dry, as evidenced by attempting to move/peel the brad.
  • In all tests, after 5-10 minutes, all paper and embellishments were held in place and only tacky to the touch, even if they were not 100% dry throughout.
Drying time conclusions & recommendations
  • Overall, Zip Dry lives up to its rapid drying claim.
  • Naturally, large amounts of glue take longer to dry. Use the smallest amount of glue possible.
  • Although your paper and embellishments will remain in place after 5-10 minutes, it is always a good idea to let your project dry flat for several hours before enclosing it in an envelope, book, etc.

4 – Does Zip Dry Dry Clear?


Zip Dry is said to dry completely clear.

Test Details

To determine if Zip Dry dried completely clear, I examined the ribbon and brad examples from the tests above. In addition, I adhered a metal brad to a card using an excessive amount of glue so that it would seep out onto the card and dry in a visible location.

Summary Of Results

Excess Zip Dry can be peeled off

Additional Findings

  • Excess Zip Dry can be peeled away After applying an excessive amount of adhesive to the card above, I discovered that the excess dried glue can be peeled right off the card – also shown above. Note: This worked with matte finish card as well.
  • Zip Dry bottle is difficult to squeeze: This adhesive is mildly difficult to squeeze out of the bottle.
  • Zip Dry has a very strong odor: Consider using in a well ventilated area.


Zip Dry lives up to all of its claims, and seems to be a high quality, diverse paper glue that would be great for a multitude of paper craft projects. It dries fast, clear, and wrinkle free, and strongly bonds a variety of surfaces to paper. Use it for invitations, embellishments, scrapbook pages, or any creative paper project. You won’t be disappointed!

What is your experience with Zip Dry? Post a comment and tell us about it.

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