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In this video, learn all about Pop-Tone, and why it is much more than just a bright and colorful line of paper. Sit back, watch, and learn about Pop-Tone’s unique background, eco-friendly manufacturing, and clever naming structure. See Pop-Tone paper in action, and get a personal perspective on this fun and funky collection. One look and you’ll be hooked!

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It’s Colorful; It’s Fun, It’s Irresistible. It’s Pop-Tone.

If you are looking to liven up your next creative project with a splash of color and excitement, consider Pop-Tone paper. Featuring a smooth vellum finish (not translucent vellum) and a bright, bold color palette – cleverly named after your favorite sweet treats – Pop-Tone is irresistible to the eye, touch, and taste buds. This paper will not only enlighten your design, but your senses as well! What’s more; it is economically priced, and manufactured eco-friendly in the United States with 100% hydroelectric power. Available in a variety of weights, colors, and sizes, Pop-Tone has something to offer everyone.

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Pop-Tone paper array with logo

Made in the United States – by French Paper Company.
Don’t Let the Name Fool You.

French paper Co. is in Niles, Michigan in the U.S.

Pop-Tone is manufactured by French Paper Company. A common misconception, the French Paper Company mill is not located in France, but in the United States in Niles, Michigan. One of the last standing independent paper mills in the United States, French Paper has been owned and operated by the French family for six generations; and over 140 years.

It’s unique independent status aside, the most noteworthy fact about French Paper Company is that all of its energy needs are met with 100% hydroelectric power. Since 1922, French Paper has been using a hydroelectric generator and the nearby St. Joseph River to create clean, renewable, eco-friendly energy; and eco-friendly papers.

Pop-Tone paper array

Manufactured with the Environment and Longevity in Mind

As with all French papers, Pop-Tone is manufactured with clean, environmentally friendly 100% hydroelectric power. In addition, it is acid, lignin, and chlorine free, and buffered with archival properties for greater longevity.

Color Palette – Not Just Bright & Bold, but Downright Fun!

Inspired by POP-ular tastes, in art, music, and food, the highlight of the POP-Tone line is by far it’s bright, bold, and fun color palette. Choose from a vivid rainbow of colors with names reminiscent of your favorite childhood treats – Gumdrop Green, Razzle Berry, and Banana Split to name a few. This is one sweet treat you won’t feel guilty indulging in, so go ahead and mix, match, and create with colorful Pop-Tone!

Pop-Tone is manufactured in 24 delightful colors, 15 of which are offered by LCI.

Available in Heavy Cover & Lightweight Text

LCI offers the Pop-Tone line in a heavy weight 100 pound (270gsm) cover or a lighter weight 70 pound (104gsm) text to suit all kinds of creative needs.

Handy, Pre-Cut Sizes

Perfectly sized for printing, Pop-Tone papers are offered in handy, standard pre-cut sizes – the perfect choice for creative enthusiasts.

Pop-Tone envelopes in a variety of sizes

Line of Matching Envelopes to Send Your Design on Its Way

Matching Pop-Tone envelopes are available in a variety of sizes. Choose from classic announcement sized rectangles and modern and unique squares to outfit your creative design.

Print at Home with a Laser or Ink Jet. Smooth.

Quite simply, Pop-Tone paper prints like a dream. The smooth, absorbent surface of Pop-Tone makes it laser and ink jet printer friendly and provides beautiful ink and toner delivery – convenient!

Note: Due to its heavy weight, 100 pound cover may not be suitable for all home printers.

Price Point. You Won’t Believe This!

Pop-Tone paper price point chart - 2 our of 5

Unlike many of the specialty paper brands offered by LCI Paper that are imported from Europe, Pop-Tone paper is manufactured in America, making it an economically priced, incredibly affordable line of specialty paper. It’s like sticker shock in reverse! Of all paper brands offered by LCI, Pop-Tone is rated a 2 out of 5 – incredible!

Create with Pop-Tone

With such an affordable and fantastic array of colorful papers and envelopes to choose from, the sky is the limit when it comes to creating with Pop-Tone. Create whimsical invitations, stand-out promotional pieces, funky stationery, colorful greeting cards, and more!

Comparable Paper Brands

Gmund Colors Paper

Similar to Pop-Tone, the Gmund Colors cardstock & paper line features a smooth vellum finish that is laser and ink jet friendly. It is also available in both heavy cover and text weights and in a wide variety of paper and envelope sizes. The Gmund color palette is also diverse, though it is slightly darker and more “primary” than the Pop-Tone palette. Imported from Germany from World renowned Gmund Paper Mill, the Gmund Colors line carries with it brand name recognition and unprecedented standards of beauty, quality, and eco-conscious manufacturing. Being a German import, Gmund colors is priced higher than Pop-Tone.

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