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Pocket Cards & Invitations

Pocket Cards & Invitations are a fun and contemporary option for any wedding or special event invitation. Made with thick, heavy-weight card stock, pre-cut and pre-scored, choose from a wide selection of high quality styles, finishes, and colors that you won’t find anywhere else!

Pocket Invitations at LCI Paper come in a variety of styles, finishes, and colors. Shop
Top left: Metallic Pockets. Top right: Landscape, Portrait, One Fold, Pocket Card, & Pochette Pockets. Bottom left: Verge Landscape Pockets. Bottom right: Woodgrain Pocket Cards.


A horizontally oriented invitation pocket that consists of an invitation panel, pocket panel, and closing flap.

Landscape Pocket Invitations are perfect for enclosing a contemporary invitation or announcement. Call or shop online at LCIPaper.com.

One Fold

A vertically oriented single folder with a pocket on one side and no third flap.

One Fold Pockets open up to display a pocket fit for an invitation or card. Call or shop online at LCIPaper.com


A long, lean invitation pocket that opens vertically and consists of a panel, a pocket, and a closing flap.

Portrait Pockets feature a lengthwise pocketfold perfect for a card or invitation ensemble. Call or shop online at LCIPaper.com


A modern, square, three panel invitation pocket with vertical orientation.

Square Pockets are perfect for enclosing a card or invitation. Call us or shop online at LCIPaper.com

Pocket Cards

A single flat card with a pouch on one side.

Pocket Cards feature one pocket to hold a card or invitation ensemble. Call or shop online at LCIPaper.com

Pochette Petal Folds

Pochettes, or petal folds, feature 4 round petals that wrap around a card or cards and interlock like the petals of a flower for a stylish, organized invitation presentation.

Pochette invitations enclose a card within 4 petals and are offered in a variety of sizes, colors, and finishes. Call or shop online at LCIPaper.com

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