Order Cancellation

Cancelling an Order

We do our best to process & ship orders quickly, therefore we can not guarantee any cancellation requests. If you need to cancel an order, contact an LCI Paper Specialist immediately. We do not guarantee we will catch your order. If the contents of your order has been pulled, packed, prepped or shipped we can not stop it. If the order is caught we will cancel & refund your order so you can place a new one.

LCI Paper will not be responsible for an order placed on our website, over the internet or by phone that has shipped, regardless if you have spoken to a representative or entered a support case. Only once an order is refunded, will it be considered stopped or cancelled.

Cancellation Faqs

If I speak to a representative will that guarantee my order is cancelled?

Due to order processing speed we do not guarantee order cancellations even when speaking directly to a representative. Order cancellation is only considered complete once the order has been refunded & you have received an email stating the cancellation has been completed.

What if an order ships that I thought was cancelled?

Once an order has shipped there is no way to cancel, stop or redirect your shipment. We do not guarantee cancellations. Upon delivery of your order you can arrange for an RMA and return the package. Please read our LCI Paper Return Policy for details.

Can all orders be cancelled

Once into production some orders can not be cancelled. Typically this includes, custom productions and samples.

Is there a charge to cancel an order

Cancellation fees may apply to orders in production that are stopped. Cancellation fees are case by case and based on time, materials and labor. For example, cancellation fees will be charged for print proofs, dies, cutting, scoring or any associated costs.

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