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Old World invitation envelopes offered here at LCI paper are perfect for any occasion. These premium invitation envelopes are all made with thick, heavyweight papers and feature a distinguished and elegant flap.

Old World Flap Curios Metallics Ionised envelope

Unique Flap style

The flap is a unique cross between a euro and square flap, as you can see here it has a long flap that comes down like the euro style but then squares itself off at the end. Choose from popular sizes, a collection of colors, and three different finishes.

Shown on the left is Curious Metallics Ionised

A7 Old World Envelopes, Gmund Colors Wedding White, Curious Metallics Gold Leaf, Cotton New Gray








Three Finishes Available

The finishes include smooth matte, soft alluring 100% cotton, and dual sided shiny metallic. All of our old world flap envelopes have matching cardstock available for the perfect invitation ensemble.

Envelopes from top to bottom:

Gmund Colors Wedding White

Curious Metallics Gold Leaf

LCI Cotton New Gray

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