Modern, Offbeat Holiday Card Color Combinations

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Holiday without the Cliche – 3 Offbeat Color Combos for Your Cards

Who says the holidays have to be all red and green, silver and gold? Below we share three less conventional holiday card color combinations you might enjoy. Take a look, get in a festive frame of mind, then get cracking on your own holiday cards.

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Leaf Green & Slate Gray

For this modern holiday party invite we paired Slate Gray with Leaf Green (a bright, bold, not your average Christmas shade of green).

What It’s Made Of:

Leaf green and slate gray holiday party invitation made with Gmund Color System matte finish paper and envelopes - offbeat holiday color combinations

Scarlet Red & Dark Teal Blue

A fresh take on classic red and green, this company holiday card was made with red and teal instead.

What It’s Made Of:

Dark teal and red holiday card made with Gmund Color System paper and envelopes- offbeat holiday color combinations

Cyan & Merlot

We felt the contrast of vibrant Cyan and rich Merlot worked well for sprucing up this otherwise traditional holiday card (with a dash of lime green for good measure).

What It’s Made Of:

Cyan and merlot holiday card made with Gmund Colors matte finish card stock - offbeat holiday color combinations

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