Odeon True Felt Finish Invitation Envelopes

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Odeon Envelopes have been replaced with LCI Paper’s Brand Felt Envelopes. Top quality, luxury felt finish, come check them out! If you want Odeon Envelopes these can be custom ordered, just ask (minimums apply)

Odeon felt finish invitation envelopes from LCIPaper.com

Odeon felt finish envelopes - close up of felt texture

Authentic, Exquisite True Felt Finish

Where most felt papers are embossed to look authentic, Odeon still gets its finish the old fashioned way – by pressing felt blankets into the sheets during manufacturing.

The result is a rich, distinct, velvety texture that suits the most elegant of designs and the most discerning of tastes.

Odeon felt finish envelopes in neutral color palette of Odeon Gala and Vintage from LCIPaper.com

Classic Color Palette

Odeon felt envelopes are offered in timeless white and cream shades. Gala is a bright white, Vintage is a cream.

Odeon felt finish envelopes in A2 and A7 sizes from LCIPaper.com

Sized for Stationery

Felt finish envelopes printed with digital press

Printing Odeon Envelopes

Though smoother than their card stock counterparts, Odeon envelopes still have a bumpy surface that makes them tricky to print.

For best results, we recommend using an ink jet printer, as wet ink is able to print within the texture and produce a solid result.

If using a laser, we recommend printing simple text only (no graphics or fonts with heavy coverage), as dry toner has difficulty getting into bumps/grooves and results may be spotty.

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