New Aspire Petallics Papers with Improved Ink Jet Compatibility

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Introducing Aspire Petallics Papers with Improved Ink Jet Printability

LCI Paper is now carrying four new colors of Aspire Petallics metallic specialty paper with improved ink jet printer compatibility. In general, metallic specialty papers are not recommended for ink jet printers, as wet ink has trouble adhering to the non-porous surface of these papers. In this video, we put the ink jet printability of new Petallics to the test on two of our in-house large format ink jet printers – a Canon Pixma iX7000 and an Epson R1900. Watch this video to see the results!

Aspire Petallics papers: Black Ore, Snow Willow, Spearmint, Wine Cup

4 New Shimmering Colors

From left to right, the four new Aspire Petallics colors:

  • Black Ore
  • Snow Willow
  • Spearmint
  • Wine Cup

Printing Tests Results – How Did the New Petallics Colors Perform with an Ink Jet?

To test Petallics’ new ink jet printability, we printed and compared an original Petallics color – Silver Ore, with a new Petallics color – Spearmint. We tested both stocks on two ink jet printers; an Epson R1900, and a Canon Pixma iX7000.

Epson Ink Jet Printer Results

The Epson yielded sharp, crisp text on new Spearmint with improved ink jet printability; a large improvement over original Silver Ore which is not recommended for ink jet printing.

comparison of old and new Aspire Petallics papers printed on an Epson ink jet

Canon Ink Jet Printer Results

Though not as saturated, the Canon also yielded sharp, crisp text on new Spearmint with improved ink jet printability. In comparison, text printed on original Silver Ore was slightly smudged.

comparison of old and new Aspire Petallics papers printed on a canon ink jet

Conclusion: New Petallics Does Have Improved Ink Jet Printability

In comparison to original Petallics which is not recommended for ink jet printers, the four new Petallics colors do indeed have improved ink jet printability. Ink jet printed text on new Petallics is sharper than that printed on original Petallics.

Same Paper, Different Printers, Different Results – Test First!

Just as we got varying results with varying printers, so will customers. Each printer is different and uses different inks, so results will vary. Although our testing revealed that the four new Aspire Petallics colors have improved ink jet compatibility, it is important to test print these papers to determine if your home ink jet printer will produce results that are suitable for you.

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  1. What settings did you use on the Epson printed to print the Aspire Petallics?

  2. JB says:

    Hi Linda,

    Thanks for your question about Aspire Petallics printing on our Epson R1900 printer. We used very typical settings withing the Epson print driver for these tests:
    Quality Option: Text
    Type: Plain Paper / Bright White Paper
    Photo Enhance: unchecked

    Please let us know if you have any further questions about our printing tests.

  3. Daniel says:

    can this stock be foil stamped?
    can it be blind embossed with fine type?

  4. JB says:

    Hi Daniel,

    In terms of foil stamping, the manufacturer recommends, “For optimum results, use foils suitable for plastic materials”

    Aspire embosses quite well, though the term “fine type” concerns us a little. We suggest first ordering a sample sheet and testing for your application.

  5. Kyla says:

    I am looking for a silver paper that I can print on using my inkjet printer for my wedding invitations. Also looking for a silver 4×9 (approx) silver envelope that I can also print on. Do you have a paper that I can use? *crosses fingers*