Melissa Shares Her Sea Blue Wedding Invitation

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LCI Paper’s Share Your Creativity area, where we feature creative customer submissions on our blog, has been a great success. People are finding inspiration in the designs that our customers have created at home using our selection of specialty paper products. In one sentence, your submissions are inspiring others to be creative.

The latest is from Melissa who shows us her sea blue wedding invitation. Here is our conversation with Melissa about her invitations and her beach destination wedding.

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Melissa's sea blue pocket fold

Here is a transcript of the interview:

Melissa, hi. First, congratulations on your wedding day coming up next month. How did you decide on a beach wedding?

We originally had always thought that we wanted to do a destination wedding just to get away from some of the traditions and we wanted to have more of a family vacation feel-an intimate affair with just our close family members. So that was the original part and then we both love the beach. We love to be in the warm climate so that’s where the beach part came in.

And can I ask where you’re flying to your wedding?

Yeah. We’re going to fly into Pensacola and we’re actually getting married on Navarre Beach which is in between Destin and Pensacola. We visited last October and it’s absolutely one of the prettiest beaches I’ve ever seen. It has real sugary, sugary sand blue, blue water so it’s gorgeous.

Melissa and fiancé at their beach wedding site

Then why would you have it anywhere else? Perfect.

I know, I know, right? Why have it in a church when you can be on the beach?

(Laughter) Now how did you decide on making your own wedding invitations?

I looked around. I guess I like to be crafty and I thought it’d be neat to have something original, something that I came up with and to save a little money of course. That’s always a factor.

Yeah. Let’s talk about your invitations which are beautiful like sea blue and you have a starfish theme on them and there are quite a few ways that make them unique. First, the additional wedding ceremony information card, can you tell me about that?

Yeah. My original plan for that card was to give the guests some accommodation information and area attraction information and to have an easy little card they can keep to reference. I guess I kind of thought maybe they’d take it with them and then they’d have the numbers and the hotel contacts and things to do on there so that’s kind of where that came from.

And then your choice to make a custom RSVP postcard instead of a card in a response envelope

A couple things factored into that. First off, it was a postcard, so the postage was a little cheaper. And I really wanted to utilize the pocket in the pocket fold and I liked how I could kind of put RSVP on the top and have it just peek out. So it was kind of a design thing and making it easier for me. I didn’t have to buy envelopes and separate cards and everything like that.

And then the clever way that you have a sand dollar and a starfish, how did that happen?

I actually did some searching at some local craft stores, and I found a paper punch that I bought. The sand dollar design is kind of the original paper punch and then the starfish is actually the piece that punched out of the middle of that sand dollar. So I used both so that it’d be cohesive and I didn’t have to buy 2 (laughter) paper punches that way.

Nice. It’s a great effect having both of those designs that match as well on two components of your invitation. You did something that I don’t think a lot of our non-professional designer customers are comfortable doing, and you ordered the paper stock and then you custom cut most of the components. How did you plan exactly how much to order and what to order?

I ordered the LCI samples and that was really helpful because I ordered samples and then kind of played around with sizes with the pocket fold, what would fit with the printing that I wanted to put on it like my RSVP and stuff. So I really kind of played around with the samples I got and then I figured out the sizes and then from there, my fiancé actually did a lot of the math to figure out how much we’ll need. We ended up just getting a ream of fifty sheets from you guys which was more than enough really but it was cheaper than anywhere else I could find, so…

Great. He’ll appreciate that credit. He’s smart that way.


Inside Melissa's sea blue wedding invitation

In your e-mail you mentioned that next up for you is another round of invites for your local reception in November. Anything you’ve learned making the first round that you might put into practice for the second round?

The first big thing that I learned in that was that postage is different for the size of the invitation. If it’s squared and over–I’m not sure what it is-like 5 inches or something, you have to pay additional postage, so mine-the pocket folds-I ended up paying a lot more for postage. So I definitely would have changed the size and made sure that in the new ones I didn’t get any crazy square sizes, that they were more standard. I’m definitely trying to start the second round of invitations a little earlier so I’m not so crunched on time.

Overall, have you enjoyed making your own invitations?

Yes, very much. I guess I’m kind of crafty even though I never really thought I was, but I liked the fact that it was something original, something that we made which made it a little more personal and something that no one else will have. So that was kind of important to me and made them unique and more special.

How did you hear about LCI’s Share Your Creativity program? What made you submit your invitation?

Well, I saw it from browsing the heck out of your web site when I was trying to design and figure out exactly what I wanted to do. And I also found the link… think it was a link to a blog of other people’s designs. It’s always fun to see what other people did. Sometimes it gives you ideas and thoughts of what you might want to do or a way to play off of what they might have done. So that’s how I found out about it. And I shared partially because there was an offer of a $25 gift card and because, like I said, it’s useful to anyone else that’s trying to do the same thing. You know, it’s kind of fun to say, “Oh, our invitation is on a web site” and, you know…

Thanks to Melissa, first, for submitting her beautiful wedding invitation, and second, for taking the time to talk to me about her creative process. I hope she inspires you to try to create your own invitations.

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