Free Printable – Make Your Own Glitter & Vellum Favor Tags

Templates and instructions to make your own glitter favor tags at LCI Paper

In this tutorial, learn how to make your own two-layer favor or gift tags. We used vellum and glitter, but you can make these with any papers you’d like.

We provide the print templates, instructions and papers, you provide the personal touch and creativity.

Materials Needed

1. Download Templates

Download the template file by clicking the link below. It is a zip file with the following 8 1/2 x 11 templates:

Download Favor Tag Templates File

  • favor-tag-top-layer.pdf (Top layer outlines only for hand written tags)
  • favor-tag-top-layer-text.docx (For Microsoft Word: Top layer outlines with text boxes to customize text)
  • favor-tag-bottom-layer.pdf (Bottom layer outlines only)

2. Customize Top Layer Text

Within the Microsoft Word template, click and edit each text box to customize text as shown.

We used fonts Rose of Baltimore (with love) and Quattrecento Sans (names/date).

Download and edit free favor tag templates in MS Word

Print and cut top layers of tag - DIY favor tags, LCI Paper

3. Print & Cut Top Layer Text/Outlines

After customizing your text, print on vellum or your choice of text paper.

Next, using scissors or an exact-o knife, carefully cut along the light gray outlines to yield 8 top layers per 8 1/2 x 11 sheet.

Print and cut outlines for bottom layer of tags - DIY favor tags, LCI Paper

4. Print & Cut Bottom Layer Outlines

Next, print the bottom layer outlines that will be the base of your tag.

IMPORTANT NOTE – Glitter Paper Can’t Be Printed!

If you are making tags with glitter card stock, please note glitter paper can not be printed. Instead, print outlines on copy paper to layer over glitter paper, then cut. (See left)

If you are using any other card stock as a bottom layer, you can print outlines directly on this card stock.

Punch hole through two layer favor tag - How to make your own layered favor tags - LCI Paper

5. Punch a Hole through Both Layers

Align layers so there is a small, even border as shown, then punch a hole through both.

6. Attach Ribbon or String

Run ribbon or string through both holes to hold the two layers together and tie to your favor or gift.

Step by step instructions to make your own glitter and vellum layered favor or gift tags

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