Can You Make Lined Envelopes To Order?

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Rachel in Australia wanted an envelope lined in a particular color that we do not carry so she asked,

Do you make lined envelopes to order?

Lined Envelopes In Stock & Ready to Ship

Will LCI Custom Line Envelopes To Order?

From time to time customers do request certain envelope sizes, finishes, and color combinations that we do not offer, and want to know if we can or would produce them custom. The short answer is no, we do not make custom runs of envelopes that we don’t normally carry. Our lined envelope combinations are manufactured in volume based upon pre-set specifications from LCI Paper Company.

Tutorials, Tools & Inspiration

If there’s a specialty paper that you love, you can use it to transform an envelope into something original. Many of our creative customers have been inspired to line their own envelopes to achieve the look they envision.

Are You Inspired?

Have you created a special lined envelope? If so we would love to hear from you. Post a comment or submit your design

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