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Looking for the Spanish version, Aprenda Sobre las Invitaciones y las Tradiciones de la Quinceañera?

A Quinceañera celebration marks the transition from a niña (a little girl) to a señorita (a young woman) and is celebrated on her 15th birthday. This coming of age celebration is a popular Latino/Hispanic tradition that continues around the world. We talk to a Quinceañera invitation expert who answers questions about this unique occasion and the invitations that announce it and set the tone.

Who would normally be invited to a Quinceañera celebration? About how many total guests on average?

All family, relatives & friends! Size depends on how large the family is, but “the more the merrier” is the usual train of thought. It is common for these events to have anywhere between 125 to 250 guests or more.

What are the important elements of a Quinceañera celebration?

As with many social events, theme and color scheme are important elements. The invitation is very important to the Quince Años girl as it can set the themes and color schemes in place. The dress colors and decor often follow as well. The three most popular colors are Pink, Aqua Blu, and Purple.

The Quinceañera celebrates the life of a Miss Quince Años and her growth towards adulthood. In the Catholic religion, the most important part of a Quinceañera celebration is the Mass celebration when the Quinceañera gives thanks to the Virgin of Guadalupe and asks for her protection. The second most important part is when the father introduces her to the community and asks for his daughter to be treated with respect as a señorita since she is no longer a little girl. Then comes the Vals (the waltz), a traditional dance with her court of honor. Next, the Quinceañera dance with her father, followed by a dance with all her brothers, uncles, and cousins. After that, the real party begins!

Tell me about some of the specific Quinceañera invitations that are available to people that are planning for this celebration. Are there any reoccurring themes that are common amongst these invitations? Can you describe some of the most popular designs?

There are several popular subjects that the Miss Quince Años looks for in invitations–a pretty Miss Quince Años in a beautiful dress, an entourage of friends, stars, butterflies, fans, doves, and wonderful flowers. A unique trademark designed into most of the Paramount Quinceañera invitations is that you can count 14 items of a beautiful subject with Miss Quince representing the 15th. A few examples:

Young Stars Among Us Quinceañera invitation

  • In the Young Stars Among Us series she represents the 15th of 14 other girls.
  • The Castle Dream series features Miss Quince Años looking toward a castle of dreams that is set amongst 14 stars.
  • In the Butterfly series, she is shown with 14 butterflies gracing her presence, with 1 butterfly actually landing in each hand.
  • In the Mission series, there are 14 roses close to the Miss Quince Años.

These invitations will help set the mood and can be the beginning of a beautiful theme. They are known for their quality in the raised design work and attention to fine details, which are best seen with the invitation in hand.

Fairytale and fantasy themes are popular:

  • The Carriage series has the lovely Miss Quince Años stepping out from her carriage as she embarks into adulthood.
  • The Mission series finds Miss Quince Años reflecting upon her dreams while standing in the midst of a historic Mission.

Why are tri-fold Quinceañera invitations so popular?

The (3) three panels are popular because they give plenty of room for special verses or messages, listing the court of honor, and an entire panel can be dedicated to the invitation wording for the event itself without crowding. Sponsors are sometimes listed here too, but if the sponsor list is too long, inserts are commonly used to pay respect and give the proper thanks to all those who helped and contributed to the big event.

Quincearera tri-fold Carriage invitation

Do people have printing questions or run into problems printing these at home?

The most common question is: “How do I set up the page in my computer program?”

  • Following the instructions in your free Word printing template files will be helpful.
  • The page is set up in landscape and you set your page size to the actual paper size.
  • A few test trials on plain paper will ensure a proper fit.
  • For best results, feed and print the sheets one page at a time, as the die cuts and embossing could hook one page to the next.
  • The paper used on fanfolds is usually very printer friendly. A top fed printer is always ideal for printing since the paper takes fewer turns around rollers compared to a bottom fed printer.
  • If in doubt of one’s capabilities or printer capabilities, a professional neighborhood printer can always personalize your stocks for you.

Are double envelopes appropriate for Quinceañera invitations?

Yes! Not only can they be lined to enhance your invitation color, but they also provide protection for your beautiful invitation during the mailing process. Once the outer addressed envelope is discarded after mailing, the clean inner envelope acts as a presentation envelope where the lovely invitation can be held as a special keepsake.

The outside envelope is addressed to the recipient and includes a return address. It is stamped, stuffed, sealed at the gum line, and then off through the mail process it goes. Chances are good that it has seen better days by the time it arrives to the recipient. The inside envelope containing the beautifully printed invitation, reception card, response card, and response envelope is inside the outside envelope. The outer envelope has protected the investment and beauty of the cards within. The inside envelope has no gum line. It may be a plain inside envelope or an upgraded lined inside envelope that has a pearl or colored lining that enhances the presentation of the card and helps make the entire package even more beautiful. Without it, the invitation may have suffered damage in the mailing process; hence the inside envelope helps ensure that the recipient will be able to appreciate the invitation just as much as the sender.

Are there any special rules about addressing the envelopes?

Yes. The outer envelope should have the return address and the full proper name(s) and address of those being invited. The inner envelope only contains the names and no addresses and it remains unsealed. Here is an example:

The outside envelope should have the return address printed on the flap or on the top left corner and it would be addressed as shown:

Mr. and Mrs. Roberto Franco

1250 Gate Street

Bell, Colorado 09937

The inner envelope would be

Mr. and Mrs. Roberto Franco


If the children are invited the inner envelope would be

Mr. and Mrs. Roberto Franco

Maria, Sergio, James

The small envelope that holds the response note (RSVP) would be addressed to the parent(s) giving the party.

Do you have any questions for us regarding Quinceañera invitations? Post a comment. We’d be glad to respond to your questions.

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  1. Maria says:

    Hi, reading this article…
    Although it has some good tips I have to disagree. Right now, here in Puerto Rico, girls prefer photo invitations with no pink and no fairytale but maybe some jewel tones, feathers or rhinestones. Something different and unique. Although some traditions do remain but not the 14 dolls. Well thanks you for your wonderful products. I made 3 set of wedding and 15 invitation and
    love your papers. Hope soon I can make another set.