LCI’s Thickest Wedding Envelopes

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Here at LCI we have a vast selection of wedding envelopes varying in weights & textures. We are often asked which wedding envelopes are the best for wedding invitations.

Just about all the envelopes sold at LCI Paper are wedding quality and can be used for wedding invitations. Typically wedding envelopes are either white or cream in color, have a matte, linen or cotton finish and in weights range from 70lb text to 91lb text.

LCI Linen Ultra White, Natural White

Linen Envelopes

LCI Linen Envelopes have a refined, cloth-like finish & are made using a 70-pound text paper. Offered in traditional wedding colors, Natural soft white and Ultimate white. The 70lb text weight is substantial but does have a minimal show through with darker papers.

LCI Cotton Envelopes New Gray, Wedding White

100% Cotton Envelopes

LCI Cotton Envelopes are made from 100% cotton rag content, making these the ultimate choice for wedding invitation envelopes. Although the envelopes are made with a 74lb text paper, the pure cotton rag content minimizes show through, making these an exceptional value. LCI Cotton envelopes are available in 2 colors – a soft Wedding White & soft grey called New Grey. This cotton paper prints beautifully using traditional printing methods including letterpress.

Gmund Wedding Envelopes, Wedding Cream, Limba Smooth, Wedding White

Thick Matt Envelopes

From the LCI Colors, Wedding White (Color 49), Wedding Cream (Color 07) & Limba Smooth (Color 50) are the heaviest wedding envelopes we sell. The envelopes are constructed using 91lb text paper and have an elegant matte eggshell finish. The color palette ranges from stark Limba white to a soft, neutral Wedding White to a Wedding Cream, which is more of a traditional ecru color. The matte, eggshell finish in combination with the thick premium weight all but eliminates show through.

Radiant White and Ecru

LCI Brand Envelopes

Lastly, we have our own LCI brand envelopes, which are easily the most popular wedding papers we sell. These envelopes are made from a smooth 70lb text paper in both Ecru and Radiant White, which are available in a vast range of sizes. Paper has a smooth uniform finish that offers superior printability while minimizing show through. The price value ratio of this collection is exceptional. Premium wedding envelopes at an unmatched price.

LCI's Thickest Envelopes

Want Them Printed?

Order any of our wedding envelopes blank or printed with your entire guest list. If printing at home our in house print tests have revealed that all of these can be used in both laser and ink jet printers. If you have any questions just give us a call and we’ll be more then happy to help you out.

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