Make Your Own Layered Wedding Place Cards

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Designer place cards, each made by me.In this article, you will learn how to print and assemble your own contemporary layered place cards like the ones shown here using any combination of paper you choose.

To make this project convenient for you, this article includes step by step instructions and downloadable Word templates.

Note: The instructions and templates included in the following article work best with our 4 1/2 x 2 1/2 inch place cards.

1 – Choose a Pre Scored Single Place Card

Begin by choosing a blank place card. Since you will not have to worry about printing on this card, you can choose one of any color or finish.

2 – Choose 8 1/2 x 11 Paper for Printable Top Layer

Next, choose 8 1/2 x 11 paper for the top layer of your place cards. Because you will be printing on this paper, be sure to choose one that is a weight, finish, and texture that your printer can handle.

You will be printing on both sides of the 8 1/2 x 11 sheets

  • Name and table number text on one side
  • Cutting guidelines on the reverse

Note: Guidelines are printed on the reverse side of the paper to eliminate any line traces that may remain after cutting. You will be downloading a separate Word document for each side.

3 – Download & Print Cutting Guidelines

Click on the following link to download your cutting guidelines:

Download Cutting Guidelines

The cutting guideline document will look like the following:

Word document with place card cutting guidelines

Simply load your 8 1/2 x 11 paper into your printer, and print the document as is. No custom document set up is necessary as this is a standard 8 1/2 x 11 sized document.

4- Download Word Template for Name & Table Number Text

Next, download the Word template for entering guests’ names and table numbers:

Download Place Card Word Template

Upon opening, the document will look like this:

place card Word template

Note: Although this document has lines in it, they are there for visual purposes only. They will not print out onto your paper.

5 – Customize Place Card Wording, Then Print

Place cards printed on 65lb smooth Ecru card stock before cuttingExperiment with various fonts, font sizes, layouts, and graphics to customize your place cards.

After your place card design is complete, you will be ready to print. Remember, you will be printing on the opposite side of your previously printed cutting guidelines.

Important Printing Note: For the cutting guidelines and text to align correctly, you must reload your paper in the correct position. If you are unfamiliar with how your printer feeds paper, it is recommended you test a sample sheet prior to printing all of your place cards.

6 – Cut Along Guidelines to Yield Individual Top Layers

Cut along the printed guidelines to yield individual place card layers.

How to cut Ecru card stock along guidelines using a paper trimmer

7 – Assemble Place Cards

Adhere printed layers to place cards with double sided tape or glue, whichever you prefer.

Create a simple design like this, or add some decorative flare. You can find some decorative suggestions below.

Simple place card using Stardream Ruby pre scored card stock and smooth 65lb Ecru Card stock from LCI Paper

Ideas for Decorating Place Cards

Layer In A Chiyogami Strip

Layered place card design using Stardream Ruby card stock and Japanese Chiyogami Purple Blum Bough. Personalized using 65lb Ecru smooth finish card stock

Here’s How We Did It

A Stardream Ruby place card was paired with printable ecru paper. Before adhering the Ecru top layer, the card was embellished with a 1 1/2 x 9 inch band of Purple Plum Bough Chiyogami (Yuzen) Paper, and secured in the back with double sided tape.

Designer place card made with metallic Stardream Lagoon, White Card Stock and Japanese Chiyogami Blue Tree Flower pattern

Here’s How We Did It

A Stardream Lagoon place card was paired with printable Radiant White paper. A 7/8 x 7 inch strip of Blue Flower Tree Chiyogami was then adhered to the insides of the place card with double sided tape. Last, the printed white layer was placed below the chiyogami strip and secured to the card.

Note: This design requires the text in the Word template to be placed off-center.

Embellish with Ribbon

Stardream Onyx and white layered place card

This design is a combination of a Stardream Onyx place card, white top layer, and black satin invitation-ribbon. A ribbon stitch punch was used to create the holes in which the ribbon was tied through.

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