Laurie’s Purple Glossy Save the Date Card

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Glossy purple save the date card

Laurie in Oklahoma recently submitted a save the date card that she helped create for her cousin’s son Adam and his fiancée Laine. Laurie was kind enough to drop one in the mail and then talk to me about the card’s unique format and the process of creating it.

You sent me a beautifully produced card with a glossy finish showing the bride and groom to be in a television studio. Can you tell me how the idea for this invitation came together?

Well the bride is a weekend news anchor and the groom is a weekend sports anchor and that’s a real picture of them on TV together. We placed ‘Save the Date…Breaking News’ inside the TV screen and the idea was kind of a play off of their job.

Your card is slick and glossy. How did you decide to go that route?

It was printed at a printer and he did what is called coating—like a postcard finish really. But the catch was, when I gave him that, I gave him your purple lined envelope. When we created the piece, the piece was the correct purple. Sometimes when you add that coating, it changes the color a little bit. And I had to make sure with the printer that it didn’t change the color because I wanted the piece to match the purple lining inside of your envelope. I have to play off of what the bride and groom want and they wanted purple. Their whole wedding is going to be purple and black.

Any response yet from folks who have seen it?

They thought it was a pretty cool piece. I had one person that saw it and said, ‘This is by far the best save the date I’ve ever seen.’

Thanks to Laurie for sharing this unique Save the Date that she helped create. To see more customer creations, visit our Share Your Creativity page.

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