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Pictured below, Larissa Linn of Papercake Designs recently submitted photos of a wedding announcement and invitation design that she created for clients Nhaman and Jeremy. To create these custom ensembles, Larissa used textured cardstock and smooth LCI cardstock for the invitation and response cards with corresponding smooth envelopes.

Two layer wedding announcement using Vice Versa Linteum and LCI Ecru Cardstock

Wedding invitation booklet using Vice Versa Linteum and LCI Ecru Cardstock

I am aware that you are a professional designer, and the submission you sent us was created for a client, so why don’t you begin by telling us a bit about Papercake Designs.

Papercake Designs is a Custom Invitation & Stationery Graphic Design Studio. We create unique wedding and party stationery, plus offer full graphic design services like personalized wedding maps, custom monograms, and corporate branding. I’ve been a designer in the publishing industry for over 10 years and started Papercake in southern California in 2005 after helping family and friends design and assemble their invites. I also work with pastry chefs to style invites and cakes together to match.

Let’s discuss your submission. Your design is absolutely beautiful, yet is such a simple combination of elements. It is the perfect example of how basic blank stock can be transformed into an elegant invitation with the right design ideas. Will you discuss how the ideas for this design came together?

Nhaman and Jeremy wanted either a flat card or booklet invitation with a personalized monogram to be used throughout, along with somehow incorporating a 3D embellishment; it came down to either a tallow-berry or millet embellishment. The colors for their fall wedding were shades of ivory and brown. The color and texture of the Vice Versa Linteum was exactly what they envisioned. We ended up using a two-layer flat card for their announcement and the booklet for the invitation. I worked with their wedding coordinator and we decided to add a belly band, which slides off but holds their enclosure cards in the back and the embellishment in the front. A third layer band was added which we printed their monogram on. You can read more about the early design process and final update on my blog:

Early Design Process
Final Update

I see you selected a textured cardstock for your booklet cover and backing card, and Ecru stock for your invitation cards, response cards, and envelopes. What did you use to create the belly band that holds the ensemble together?

We used 3 layers of paper for the belly band: Canson Mi-Teintes, Tobacco; a unique birds nest handmade paper from Hiromi Paper, and finally we printed their personalized monogram, names, and date on Canson Mi-Teintes, Ivory.

Textures are great & versatile. Is it one you work with a lot, or is this one of your first projects with it?

This is the first time I’ve used textures from LCIPaper, I ordered the sample swatch book so hopefully I can suggest these papers to clients for future designs.

It appears you printed only on the Ecru stock, so your printing methods must have been fairly simple and conventional. Will you tell us about this?

Yes, I print 4-color offset, which prints great on the smooth ecru paper. Most clients that choose to go with Papercake Designs want something custom and totally unique. So, they decide to print offset instead of letterpress or thermography and spend the money on the creative design, paper and/or embellishments. Although, I have sent custom orders out to print thermography or letterpress on request.

Thank you, Larissa, for sharing your beautiful design with us and providing some creative inspiration!

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