Kraft Paper & Glam Glitter Paper – An Unexpectedly Lovely Combo

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Kraft Paper Envelopes, Kraft Cards & Glitter Paper – Opposites Attract!

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we’re sharing our current love – the unexpected, contrasting combination of rustic kraft and glamorous glitter papers. See some examples below. You’ll see what we mean… (and you might just fall in love too).

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Glitter Envelope Liners – Simple on the Outside, Sparkle on the Inside

Such fun to open, these simple, natural euro flap Matt Beach Sand (Color 12) envelopes are hand lined with MirriSPARKLE silver and gold glitter papers.

Like the look? Download our euro flap liner templates to make your own!

Euro flap kraft envelopes lined with silver and gold MirriSPARKLE glitter paper

Glitter Mat – Add a Little Sparkle to Your Framed Art

Below, MirriSPARKLE is used as a mat behind this love print, printed on Gmund Heidi soft kraft and faded gray card stocks. This accent would work great for photos too, adding sparkle and drawing the eye.

Love text print on Gmund Heidi letterpress paper with MirriSPARKLE glitter paper matt

Kraft & Glitter Paper Wrapped Present

What girl/woman wouldn’t want to open this gift?

How we did it:

  • Wrapped a box in kraft paper (yes, the stuff we ship our packages in)
  • Cut our own hearts from folded MirriSPARKLE (grade school style)
  • Cut thin strips of MirriSPARKLE using a paper trimmer
  • Curled one around a pen (it holds quite well)
  • Taped in the back!

Kraft paper wrapped present with MirriSPARKLE glitter paper heart and band embellishments

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