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Have you ever received an invitation in the mail and wondered why there was tissue paper in there? Well wonder no more! The reason those are in there is to prevent smudging.

When did this start?

The tradition dates back hundreds of years to the days of hand written invitations when tissue was placed on top of ink to keep it from smudging during mailing; a practical use that still holds true today.

What we offer for tissue paper options

Here at LCI we offer a few different options for tissue paper. There’s traditional, which is the standard, more economical option. Then there is specialty, which is made with genuine Japanese Tissue Paper. It is also available in a few different sizes.

Why else would someone use tissue paper for invitations?

Tissue is often used for aesthetic reasons as well. It not only prevents smudging, but is also a stylish way to decorate and keep your invitations neat and elegant. It also adds a sense of intrigue, as guests will have to move the slightly translucent tissue aside to reveal invitation wording. Since the tissue paper is made to prevent the ink from smudging depending on the size of your invitation it may only cover the text and not the whole invitation card. If you have any questions just give us a call and we’ll be more then happy to help you out.

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