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Mountaincow is best known for its PrintingPress software that makes it easy to design and print professional-looking invitations and announcements using your home computer and printer. Learn how the software came about and how it might make your invitation designing and printing easier in our interview with Josh Eisen, President of Mountaincow.

How long has Mountaincow been in business and where are you based?

Megan and I co-founded Mountaincow together in Providence, Rhode Island in 2002. We sell invitation software and printer?compatible stationery to consumers and specialty retailers worldwide. Our innovative do?it?yourself home printing software enables consumers to affordably customize and print their own invitations for weddings and other events using a PC and printer while our professional custom printing solutions enable retailers and home studios to design and print invitations for their clients.

How did the idea of wedding and stationery software come about? Did you notice a need that needed to be filled?

Megan has been designing and printing her own invitations and announcements since 1992. Our son’s birth announcement proved to be the inspiration for PrintingPress. Tired of using a hodgepodge of word processing, graphic arts, desktop publishing and contact management software, Megan felt it was time to create a single application to manage all aspects of invitation and announcement printing.

This has been a busy time for you! Tell me about the software upgrades you’ve made to the Printing Press Wedding and Printing Press Platinum packages. What are some of the new features?

Version 6.0 offers a much more advanced user interface than previous versions of the software! We have included many more powerful features and more extensive graphics and sample projects. New features are listed in detail below:

What’s New in PrintingPress 6.0

Printing Press 6 invitation software

  • Thumbnail views for project templates and images
  • Search for images or browse by image thumbnails
  • Add floating images over the text to position anywhere on a card, envelope or place card
  • Crop images and photos
  • Adjust individual lines left, right, up & down, adjust character and line spacing
  • Zoom stationery to view close up or see more on screen
  • Sample color from images to make text color match
  • Copy and paste text styles
  • Edit return address text boxes in place using the controls in the Text palette group without having to open a dialog
  • Type multi-styled text in return address text boxes
  • Easily type special characters, including accents for European languages
  • Print preview envelope addresses and modify address book while previewing
  • Expanded selection of graphic images and sample projects

What’s New in PrintingPress Platinum 6.0

Printing Press Platinum 6 invitation software

  • Thumbnail views for project templates, images, borders and backgrounds
  • Search for images, borders & backgrounds; browse by thumbnails
  • Sample color from images, borders and backgrounds to make text color match
  • Create solid line custom borders in rectangles and ovals using any color
  • Zoom stationery to view close up or see more on screen
  • Copy and paste text styles
  • Edit floating text boxes in place using the controls in the Text palette group without having to open a dialog
  • Type multi-styled text in floating text boxes
  • Spell check all text on a card at once, including floating text boxes
  • Easily type special characters, including accents for European languages
  • Print preview envelope addresses and modify address book while previewing
  • Expanded selection of graphics, borders, backgrounds and sample projects

Will these software packages allow people to import names and address so that they can print envelopes all at once?

Yes, you can easily import addresses from Outlook or Excel, and then use them to print all your addressed envelopes. Instructions are available on our searchable website support center. PrintingPress Platinum 6.0 even lets you print both the address on the front and the return address on the back of the envelope in one single pass through your printer.

Can you explain this? Does the software instruct you to to open the envelope flap as you run the envelope through the printer? Otherwise, how could any home printer print the front and back of an envelope in a single pass?

Yes, you open the flap and feed the envelope bottom-first through the printer, as shown in this Guide to Printing Envelopes on an Inkjet article. The software handles the proper placement of the address and return address, automatically rotating one so they are correctly positioned when you close the flap.

Does the software make it easier for people to set custom paper or envelope sizes in their printer driver?

With many printers, like Epson and Canon ink jets and HP laser printers, you can just leave the paper size set to Letter (8.5×11”) and the software will do all the work with placement. For printers with paper sensors that complain about a “paper mismatch,” like HP ink jets and Xerox laser printers, or when printing borderless, you need to click Properties and set the printer paper size. We have an article of helpful printing tips

Are the new Printing Press versions compatible with Windows 7?

Yes! Version 6.0 is the only version of our software supported for Windows 7.

Are there any new products that you’ve just launched that you want to talk about?

We have a vast new collection called Illustrations: The Limited Collection by Mountaincow available for designing and printing at home using blank stock. This unique new collection of high-resolution artwork is fully compatible with PrintingPress software and licensed for personal use. The entire personal collection includes a selection of over 15,000 coordinating 300 and 600 dpi images, borders, backgrounds and patterns in PNG and JPEG, all designed specifically for invitations by professional graphic artists.

Also, we are planning to launch one or two new Fonts & Graphics collections next year.

Are designers able to use your software to aid in producing their customers invitations or are these products licensed only to individuals?

Our DIY software products are licensed exclusively to individuals for their own personal events, but we do also offer a complete professional printing software package for stationery retail stores, home studios, event planners and graphic artists, PrintingPress Pro Extreme software. Professionals might also be interested in our Invitation Architect software and Professional Illustrations collections.

How is technical support handled at Mountaincow?

Mountaincow offers technical support to PrintingPress software customers via email. Our searchable website support center includes answers to many frequently asked questions. Any questions not answered can be entered into our website form to create a new inquiry. Technical support emails are responded to promptly and accurately by principals of the company.

Do you have experience with PrintingPress software? Care to share your results? We’d love to hear from you and get your feedback on the software. Post a comment!

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