Printing Stardream Paper

Using Different Printers We Printed On Stardream Paper.

If you are printing Stardream a dual sided metallic finish specialty paper at home, you may be wondering whether a laser or ink jet printer will yield the best results. Usually we recommend laser over inkjet because generally, the wet ink of an inkjet printer does not adhere well to the finish. However, if you read on, you’ll learn that a little experimentation can lead to a happy printing discovery! In this video, we discuss the results we got when printing on Stardream with an HP 4015tn laser printer, a Canon Pixma iX7000 ink jet printer, and an Epson R1900 ink jet printer.

Stardream paper printed with an HP 4015tn laser printer

HP 4015tn Laser Printer – Produced Sharp, Crisp & Vivid Text

This HP laser printer printed sharp, crisp, vivid and saturated text on Stardream’s metallic surface. No smudging, bleeding, or fading of ink was present. The dry toner technology of the laser printer had no trouble adhering to Stardream’s metallic surface.

Stardream paper printed with a Canon Pixma-iX7000 ink jet printer

Canon Pixma iX7000 Ink Jet Printer – Produced Crisp But Slightly Faded Text

The wet ink that was sprayed onto the paper using a Canon Ink Jet printer, had difficulty adhering to Stardream’s metallic surface. Although no bleeding or smudging of the ink was present, the text in this test was slightly faded, inconsistent, and not nearly as saturated as it was with the HP laser printer.

Stardream paper printed with an Epson R1900 ink jet printer

Epson R1900 Ink Jet Printer – Produced Bleeding Ink But Vivid Text

In the Epson R1900 Ink Jet print test, the wet ink also had trouble adhering to the paper, resulting in bleeding and spreading text. The text however was saturated, but not nearly as crisp as it was with the HP 4015tn laser.

Conclusion: All Printers Are Different, You Should Test Print First

Just as we got three different results using three different printers, actual results with your home printer will vary as well. Although we prefer the sharp, crisp text that results from laser printing, you may find the results of your home ink jet to be perfectly acceptable.

After reading about these printing examples, you too may want to consider testing Stardream in your inkjet printer. See the results for yourself. Touch the printed ink and see if it smudges. With more testing, you’ll be able to determine about how much time the particular paper needs to dry. On certain inkjet printers, the ink might never properly adhere. On others, you may find that the ink has fully adhered and is completely dry to the touch seconds after printing. Plus, you may achieve better color matching that you would on a color laser printer. Does a thicker card stock mean the ink might take longer to dry? Do certain ink colors look more saturated on certain color metallic papers? You can learn a lot by ordering samples and testing. For instance certain colors of Stardream take the ink better than others. The bottom line is, the metallic, pearlescent finish of Stardream paper may be tricky to print on. Results will vary. We recommend testing Stardream paper in your home printer to make certain you will be satisfied with the results.


  1. Dan says:

    When printing with the canon/Epson, do you remember the ink settings? Were they set for a standard/quick print, or high resolution printing? Also, did you happen to test color? The color in canon prints and likely Epson printers is different. In fact, newer canon printers have a separate back ink tank for using with color images. The black used here is a water resistant black, vs. the color black which is not. I am curious of the smudging with color. I have ordered a sampler though to test on my MX870 printer.

  2. JB says:

    Hi Dan,

    It sounds like you know quite a bit about printing. We have not tested color inkjet printing on our Stardream stock. For consistancy’s sake in this video, we printed black ink on the same card stock using three different printers. It’s a good idea to order a sample to test with your Canon PIXMA MX870 so we’re glad to see you’re taking advantage of this opportunity. We would look forward to hearing about your test results.

  3. Hi,

    I currently have an Epson R1900 and I do print stardream on it. Although, it works great in that it can accept many thicknesses of paper and the bleeding is minimal I am unable to get a very saturated color. Can you reccomend a specific color laser printer that would be well suited for printing on Stardream.


  4. Barry says:

    Hi Kelly – I have personally used a RICOH SP410DN color laser printer with Stardream stock and achieved very good results. These days it is considered older model, so if RICOH has newer model printers with the same type of specifications, it may be worth investigating. I hope this helps you in your search.


  5. Jennifer says:

    Do you know if there is a company that does bulk printing on stardream paper? Such as for wedding invitations, programs, & RSVP cards? There would be 400 sets that I need to print and it seems like that would be a lot of work on a home printer..

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Jennifer,

      You might look for “mom and pop”, non franchise print shops in your area. Although the big box stores are all individually owned and different, from our experience, it seems they are less inclined to print on small cards and specialty papers than are specialized print shops.

  6. Jennell Arroyo says:

    I have a HP Photosmart 6520. Will I be able to use a 107# weight paper?

    • Kristen says:

      Hi Jennell,

      As all printers are different, I would recommend test printing some samples with your particular printer, or contacting HP.