I want to print linen card stock paper. Should I use an inkjet or laser printer?

Watch our video to see which printing technology, laser or inkjet, worked best on linen paper.


We printed our test samples Linen Card Stock & Linen Paper


Although both laser and inkjet printing achieved good results, the laser printing examples are slightly sharper with more well-defined text. While laser printing is a more desirable method, we think that most people will be happy with the results of inkjet printing as well, especially if that inkjet printer is of high quality.

See examples of our printing tests:

Laser Printing Example Inkjet Printing Example
Linen laser printing example Linen inkjet printing example
Text is sharp and well defined Text is a bit softer and has spread slightly

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Paper & Printing Suggestions

If you are going to print at home, before deciding on a specialty paper purchase, we always recommend that you review your printer specs to see what paper types and paper weights your printer will accept. Secondly, we always recommend ordering samples and testing the sheets that you’re interested in.

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